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BlackLivesMatter? No they don't, thats all bullshit, every bit of it. BlackLivesMatter only when they are killed by white cops. They are free to kill each other with abandon, thats not a big deal. They are killing each other wholesale in the streets as we speak and they don't care. This is all just to bitch about something, just like always.


[–] DoctorShitlord_MD 5 points 4 points (+9|-5) ago 

"black on black crime"

Think about why people insist on using this meaninglessness term. It's like saying everything else is racially motivated.


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[–] edistojim 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Who's protesting for the little girl shot and killed in her bed by a group of thugs? Who? And I never said the issue with police shooting citizens was invalid, not even close to it. What I simply said was its ironic that they are now protesting for a criminal shot by the police, who had a stolen gun, pointed that very gun at the police while running and they are protesting for that POS and not a tear for the little girl. I feel for Dubose, his killing was unwarranted , most of us know it, but the problem is larger than just one person. Black on black murder and black on white murder account for most of the homicides nationwide, it's not the cops shooting people that accounts for it, they are by and far minuscule comparatively . That was my point.


[–] LordOfShitLording 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

No fucking shit. Who funds BLM? White people. Do white people give a shit about black on black? Not in the slightest. Do white people give a shit about police brutality in their own neighborhoods? Yes. Is BLM using race to fix the issue of police militarization? Yes. Basically, race baiting the SJW against the police will lead to better policing. If you think SJW exist without people smart enough to use their influence to their ends, you're retarded.

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Actually, that's exactly what she said: If black people really cared about each other's lives, there would be less black-on-black violence. People would be protesting the killing of the 9-year-old black girl getting killed in a drive-by over the white cop killing in self-defense of a convicted felon.


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Oh I watched it. We've finally found one gal that gets it, she has a handle on the situation. My point was that the BlackLivesMatter movement is a joke because black lives don't matter, they prove it every day. Killing each other is quite alright, just don't let a white cop do it, no matter the circumstance. Period.