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De blasio was appalled they weren't all pics of nude boys.

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I remember this story from when it happened. The pictures were all of young kids and some of the cops needed therapy after the investigation. It was some sick shit, I guess. Someone should think about stopping that jew

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Usually bail is paid as 10% with the remainder PR, public recognizance (on your honor/word). So $750 be free to continue your pedo ways until this is memory holed and you get a nice city desk job until retirement.

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Isn't this guy involved with the young democrats as well, or is that a different kike?

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Very young democrats

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Is that how they recruit them now? They rape them, turn them gay, then make them democrats.

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that was Anthony Wiener (aka Carlos Danger)

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Warren Wilhelm for President? WTF????

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Dang, they locked up Paddock's brother and threw away the key for the same thing.

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Yeah wasn't that just "convenient".. Not like a hit team(FBI) can upload cp images into your hardrive while they cuff you. What happened to his gf/wife? Las Vegas has become such a memory hole now.

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jesus, look at that skinny little jew. He's just as ugly as those orthodox idiots with the tassels.

He looks like he couldn't lift a 10lb weight. Although I bet his grip strength is top notch.

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Then a pothead gets 25 years.

Lovely (((justice))) system.

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He's on bail. He hasn't been sentenced yet.

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