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She just re-uploaded it. It probably won't last long, though.

It's also on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZQ_fz9EW5Iw/

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thank you for posting will watch the bitchute version

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I highly recommend people getting youtube-dl (you can install via homebrew on a mac) to rip controversial videos on youtube to have a local copy.


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Macs are made by faggots for faggots

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Put 'pwn' in front of YouTube link and get many choices on downloading.

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Thats what I use! I also use it with this, https://github.com/Wazbat/youtube-dl-batch-simplifier

I use this program to get mp3 got YT as well.

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Thank you. My youtube downloader got taken down by the assholes at mozilla. I found another one called 5KPlayer and it's ok but just not the same.

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Awesome, thanks! Downloading it now. I can re-share as needed.

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Nice, gonna pull it down and mirror it.

Fuck those leftroid fuckers, this documentary is going to get spread far and wide.

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Wtf? Why? I watched the whole thing there was not a single hateful comment in there as far as I could see. Yeah, sure, there was a political twist but there's plenty of right leaning content that can exist on YouTube.

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Because it exposes the truth. (((Who))) worked feverishly against apartheid in SA but operates an apertheid state? Who owns jewtube? C'mon man, this shit is obvious to anyone paying even a little bit of attention.

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Did the tradthot Lauren Southern actually address any of that, though? Because I remember in her Farm murders documentary she really skirted around the issue of Communism, and who spread Communist ideology in South Africa...

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Anything to the right of Chairman Mao is hate speech according to Youtube.

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They would probably consider Chairman Mao "far-right" or "hate speech" because he wasn't feminist.

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Can't say I'm completely surprised, I hate many of the things that YouTube has done, but this is definitely one of the more curious moves to straight up remove the video. Demonetization would have been much more expected (under a hypothetical that her channel wasn't already demonetized).

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Because Democrat bigots suppressing free speech

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I watched the whole "Borderless" film.

This is NOT a good documentary for right-wing nationalists.

By the end of the film, Lauren Southern ends up..

  • Sympathizing with the migrants making the dangerous journey, saying they're not coming to pillage Europe.

  • Saying "they're just like you & me", with "hopes & dreams", except that they were "unfortunate" to be born in a poor country, and now they're seeking a better life.

  • Asking why aid groups aren't providing homes for the homeless migrants in Europe, "when the cold French winter sets in".

A normie who watches this could easily come to the conclusion that western countries need to..

  • Provide safe & direct transportation for the migrants, who are "just like you & me", with "hopes & dreams".

  • Provide housing for the homeless migrants living on the streets in Paris, etc.

I would NOT recommend spreading this video around.

I think a lot of people are giving her film thumbs up and spreading it around the internet before actually watching it.

Watch her final speech at the end (starting around the 1 hour, 21 minute, 4 second mark), and ask yourself if this is a good film to spread to the public.

Personally, I think the "End Times" video is a much better video to show people.

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Thank you for making a well-thought-out post that actually criticizes the video and its message rather than the identity or past behaviors of the person who made it.

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She repeatedly expresses her fake sadness about all these pour migrants being ripped off by traffickers, who rake in the millions. As if that were the real problem.

[–] waterniggas ago 

With Open Gates is a better video

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Ahahaha, and all the white knights in here defending her, and sharing the video on her behalf. Does not get any better than that. Once you know someone is subversive, none of this shit is a surprise. In fact, it is downright predictable.

[–] WickedVocalist ago 

Maybe it is all the women who won't give you the time of the day and the natural mates they have selected.

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Lol. Lauren Southern. Apparently her ass is fucking borderless too, dating mystery meat.

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Yeah and she never named the kikes.

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She is of the tribe herself.

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At least Brittany Pettibone married a nationalist leader in Austria. What has Lauren done, to start a family? The wall is coming up FAST.

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yeah, i've had enough of these 'nationalist' white girls who refuse to marry and have children.

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Fuck that race mixing bitch.

[–] BlackSheepBrouhaha ago 

I try not to mention that shit when she effort posts her films.

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Yikes. You know whats worse than an enemy, right, Jimbo?

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Daily reminder that Lauren Southern is a cryptokike who is stringing you along with her fake "Aryan Fraulein" persona.

  • She has mentioned her ancestors died in the Holocaust (most likely meaning they were Jews)

  • She has admitted her Jewish heritage on Twitter

  • Lauren Southerns real last name is Simonsen, (derives from the Hebrew personalname "Shimeon", meaning "one who harkens".)

  • Dyes her brunette hair blond to fool stupid goyim like the ones posting in support of her

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She's shown her dna results and she's not a Jew. She's mostly Spanish. Stop spreading disinfo

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You can be Jewish with Spanish DNA.

In fact they're called Western Sephardim Jews.

[–] TheSeer ago 

Read up on your history of 'New Christians'.

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Lol who gives a shit what that middle aged coal burning roastie says. She fucks niggers.

Edit: 10 Finnish Gentlemen are here to defend Lauren's honour.

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Wonder what her granddaddy rabbi Simonsen thinks of that

[–] LazyJello9 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Was he ever actually confirmed to be a rabbi? Or was it just the Simonsen family name?

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Proof? Also she's like 23

[–] Trousersnake1488 1 point 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

It's true. I was as devastated to find out as Dr Murdoch was

[–] TheDonaldTrump 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

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She's been "23" for 5 years now.

[–] LazyJello9 5 points -1 points (+4|-5) ago 

She's like 28 lol. And proof she's a coal burner? I don't have the pics, but if you want proof just go to /pol/ and start a thread saying LS is a saint and is the perfect tradwife or something. Other anons will provided you with more than enough evidence, or you can just trust me on this. She's a coal burner and a middle aged roastie.. also she's closer to 33 than she is to 23.

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Women are the biggest traitors historically. Whenever there are invaders they don't fight along side the men. THEY OPEN THEIR LEGS FOR WHOMEVER STARTS WINNING THE WAR.

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True but truth is truth even if it comes from controlled opposition. The trick is to know when they start mixing lies in.

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The truth is in your Bible. Pick it up and read it. Jesus hated the Jews. He cast the from the temples. Stop abandoning your religion and your traditions. Christianity is the light and the way. Don't let Jews take away your salvation.

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This is why voat is so important. I wouldn't have known any of this at all.

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