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PBS was funded by Rockefeller, Carnagie, and the US Government from the start. Sesamie Street was explicitly written to push diversity from the '70's.

This is no surprise.

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They been attacking Trump since then. Sesame Street vilified Donald Trump using a character named Ronald Grump.

Mean old Ronald Grump wanted to enforce a no pet policy in his apartment complex. The policy was plainly written in the contract. For some reason, the Sesame Street folks rally against Ronald Grump for his allegedly unfair behavior.

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Sounds like we need a good old Randolf Hatler to deal with the unrulely abominations from Sesame Street.

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I think the creators of Sesame Street have admitted to it being propaganda.

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How bad would the obesity epidemic be if they didn't have cookie monster promoting it for decades? Probably not nearly as bad.

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They have.

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I was going to say nothing is sacred anymore but your comment proved it never was.

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Go check out the Norman Dodd interview on JewTube... or what I call the "homeschool pill". About an hour long, but will change how you see the last 100 years.

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What, sexual relationships within the same gender are more degenerate than sexual relationships between different species?

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I think in this case it is all bad.

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Anthropomorphized faggotry is used to push fag sex as cute and sweet... So... Yes, faggotry is more degenerate.

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Arthur was Furfag garbage since day 1 but if paid attention most of the families were of the same specie

but pushing this gay crap is making it too obvious...

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Racemix with animals and suck dick goys!

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Man-child sex is what is being promoted. Do not doubt that.

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Gotta reduce the fertility rate of educated peoples so we can have a class of sub literate obedient slaves.

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I think that this is one case where a phone harassment campaign would work, though. I think that if PBS got a thousand angry phone calls, they'd have to reconsider. How many people are there on Voat?

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At least five.

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Another case of state enforced homosexuality.

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2070 Paradigm Shift went from being hilarious to absolutely terrifyingly real within a few years.

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Acceleration seems exponential these days.

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@NosebergShekelman, please stop this!!!

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oy vey a male rat and a male aardvark should be able to get married and adopt little black fish babies

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I only know this didn't happen because there are no anthropomorphized fish-people in the show. I wouldn't be so sure otherwise.

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if you let your children watch tv the joke is on you

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Exactly, don't watch TV.

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I watched this show when young, and my kids watch it now... Fuck TV

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I remember it as wholesome, harmless, often educational TV when I was a kid.

It's amazing how fast this shit happened. Post modernism is absurdly malignant.

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You're brainwashed. Go back and watch those shows; the same degeneracy has been being pushed since the inception of Hollywood and television.

They are just far more subtle, incremental, and inter-generationally patient than you have yet recognized. This degeneracy didn't suddenly spring up out of nowhere; it's a slow-boiling-frog agenda that started at least 120 years ago in America.

[–] BO2 ago 

Yeah, I can understand that television has always been propaganda but when I was a kid it sure as fuck was nowhere near as bad and blatant as it is today.

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing ago  (edited ago)

So. are you going to change the channel?

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Before people start complaining keep in mind that the show featured the following before this happened: 1. A black Jewish family with scenes/episodes showing their religious traditions. 2. A white rabbit with divorced parents. 3. Plenty of cameos/references from the likes of Matt Damon, Lance Armstrong,John Lewis,etc. 4. Episodes where the characters worked for "social justice".

This show was promoting globo-homo from the very beginning.

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Now go back to every TV show and movie from the 60's onward and see the progression.

They have been around as a tribe for thousands of years; subverting and degenerating other cultures may take 5 or 10 generations but that is no problem.

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