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The active ingredients in honkpills are now being added to municipal water supplies nationwide.

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Fake cookies for fake women

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spicy tagline there

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Faggot cookies for faggots more like

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It's surprisingly not that difficult to have very few products from global corp.

Cleaning products are easy to make and not poisonous. The money saved is incidental, but it;s more than you think.

Why would I buy a chemical compilation of something that looks like a cookie and was made in factory by people I don't know when I can mix flour and eggs and chocolate into a bowl and have them hot out of my own oven?

I can't make an SD card. But I'd rather buy shoes from that are hand made from a Mexican than a fucking factory that makes enough identical shoes for 7 billion people.

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Cleaning products are easy to make and not poisonous.

For the lazy, the store brands are the exact same chemicals as the name brands. A lot of them are made in the same chemical plants in India or China, often in the same batches. P&G doesn't own the plants making the chemicals, they just own the branding.

Same with organic food. At least for some foods (bananas and apples come to mind), it's cheaper to produce them organically, and the "organic" pesticides, waxes, etc. are just companies who pay the FDA to have their chemicals certified organic. So the grocery store buys in bulk then labels some of it organic and some not. If you actually care where your food comes from, buy from a farmer's market.

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Or grow as much of your own as you can.

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You have to be careful about farmer's markets too

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So a "fuck you" to mom's everywhere. Excellent.

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Fucking degenerate scum.

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And that’s precisely the activity they are promoting to children

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Chips Ahoy must want to scuttle their business. Their cookies taste like crap anyway.

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So chips ahoy is best for child luring? Chips Ahoy is the official cookie of child rapists.

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boycott ahoy.

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