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2019-05-07 | The Law Being Used to Prosecute Julian Assange Is Broken | WIRED

'You have to crack a password, and then use it to gain unauthorized access to a system. ', "There's a lot of problems with the Assange prosecution just like there are with the CFAA. More than there's space for here."

'Created in 1984, it prohibits unauthorized access to a computer, system, or network and unauthorized deletion, alteration, or blocking of access to, data or information. '

'This was part of #OpLastResort, in protest of the CFAA prosecution and death of computer science pioneer Aaron Swartz, whose suicide in 2013 was widely viewed as resulting from a draconian CFAA prosecution. '

'The indictment accuses Assange of a single count of conspiring to hack a password to gain unauthorized access to a government computer. '

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