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Hatred is just their word for reality that they don't like.

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Alternatively, hatred is not evil. It is evil not to hate those who steal from you, rape you, murder you, enfeeble your people, and poison your children's minds.

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Hatred protects love. It is righteous.

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Luke 14:26 "If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters--yes, even their own life--such a person cannot be my disciple.

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Don’t let your emotions take over. Let reason and logic be the grounds for the decisions you make. Emotions can change and be manipulated. Calm, cool, collected, clear headed.

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Hate is pain from what another loves.

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It's proof he's in it for the lolz, not the sheckles. Noseburg Chucklestien! HONK!

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I would love to know the context for that image... wtf?

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Dunno, but it's hilarious what pops up on the internets, huh?

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The Jews have a holiday called Purim, where they dress up in costume. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purim

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Clowns are the true people of color.

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Ha! Many Honks to you good sir!

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You do know that clowns were made to mock the Irish

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That damn Ronald MCDONALD

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Solid blokes.

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They were originally child-eating devils from the cold mountains in the far north.

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I like the reclaiming of leftist symbols. Fucking gays dont get all the color's, pick one.. no no i`ll pick one for you, Brown.. sodomites

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Turd brown!

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Brown for the color of rope am I right?

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brown for the color of the stuff that leaks from their destroyed an000ss

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Jews are the cunts of the human races. The most hateful, supremacist, vile, evil bastards on the planet, worried about everyone else's hate.

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lol we've had our vernacular infiltrated by these filth and now double speak is full in effect. opposition is hate, disagreement is hate, to not support something is hate!

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So if they are going to accuse you of hating even when you aren't ... tell me again what the downside to actually hating their evil is then?

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I think a cool, calm and rational dismantling of their obvious fallacies will win a lot of people over, especially when presenting a better (and truthful) alternative . Moreover, I think it depends on how you channel your disgust for their sentiments and how much logic and thought you put into "hate". Is it hateful to oppose brainwashing youths and to defend that through reasonable force and appropriate counter-measures? No. but if you were to bomb drag queen strory time and give no thought to collateeral damage, then it becomes hate. Hopefully what motivates us is the protection of our values, not the destruction of others values (like liberals / commies do)

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very kosher individual indeed.

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Are you telling ne that a jew works for a jewish publication? No way!

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You didn't have to go that far. The Forward is formerly known as The Jewish Daily Forward (100% serious).

Let's trust what a Jewish rag has to say about white people. Motherfucking Honk Honk.

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It's a Jew centric publication. I think all of their writers are kikes.

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Are contact lenses against their religion?

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