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Yep, they're at it again.

This "article" is written from the hysterical lefty mindset that you can't EVER imply that a Nog will rob, rape or do bad things to you. Problem is, that is what the Ring cameras from Amazon pick up, and is shared via the "neighbors" app so everyone will know.

It will become increasingly difficult for these cocksuckers to apologize for bad Nog behavior when there's hours of footage of package theft, forced entry and general low-IQ Nog shennanigans that the left swears doesn't happen.

The resulting meltdown should be fucking hilarious. Don't think I let Amazon off the hook either, they're just using the data like any rapacious organization that monetizes every datapoint their users produce. But I do think its funny that it will be the front line of showing how a small minority is committing a majority of urban crime.

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I figured this out when the whole Islam is a religion of terror kicked off post 9/11. The lefties were saying can't call Muslims violent or else they will be violent, you can't call them sexist misogynists or else they will be sexist misogynists. They are so racist that they think holding these "minorities" accountable is not something the minorities can handle.

They are afraid if you actually talk about the problems various groups have then youre going to make more of them do those things. Sort of a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil thing.

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And yet they call us violent. they call us sexist misogynists and there is still so little supporting evidence of their claims that they have to fabricate hate crimes and smudge the racial numbers when it comes to rape.

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"They are so racist that...."

Not an argument. "Racism" (an invented word) is virtuous.

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If they base their crime reporting on the app at all, they'll have enough nosy neighbors to disguise any actual trends. After all, why report just the crime wave on the north side when you can also mention all the "suspicious" individuals on the south side to sell subscriptions and upgrades?

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False positives? Sure.

I just look forward to the inevitable rush to censor anything to do with Nogs, as they'll be the majority of the crime stats.

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You want to k ow what they are doing about that? They delete the footage before you can even see it. I have had a few customers complain about this crap. I ask if they have a camera or anything and a lot say yes... but they cant get the footage from amazon... hmmm I wo der why?

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Honk-didely honk. My package is gone, my Ring camera just shows image of teeth and eyeballs of nog thief.

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It was the same with police body cams. They demanded them to protect blacks, and guess what... lol

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didn't work out quite that way now did it?

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Worked out as expected for anyone who watched cops.

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We learned that bodycams are raycist.

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Reality has a right wing bias. I guess that's why the "funny" man said the opposite.

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News Editor: Avoid the groid and around blacks never relax. That is all.

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Bout time we got rid of these niggers

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Kill the welfare system, no food stamps, no gibbs... wait the muh gibbs riots and kill all the muh dick niggers rioting.

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Yup we need to get rid of welfare.

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Aww, do the wittle babies not like it when people band together and start reacting to every little thing with the help of big corporations?

Let me play this dolt the world's smallest violin.

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Yes, the truth cannot be said, think of the anti-propaganda for their colored favorites.

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A majority of Americans have said that crime is increasing in each of the past 16 years—despite crime in each major category being significantly lower today than it used to be.

Anyone nose who makes the statistics?

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