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Some SJW faggot working for Twitch must've inserted the word "trump" into the auto-ban algo that looks for naughty words in usernames. This person likely wasn't the only one banned as a result.

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They're so blinded by leftism they forgot the word "trump" is also a verb and not just a last name.

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Even more amusing, I've had leftist coworkers stop using 'trump' altogether and even heard them reword card game rules to circumvent having to say it.

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They're not "blinded"; they're simply retarded. How do you know? Ask yourself this: Would totalitarian communism appeal to anyone in 2019 if they were not severely limited in intellectual capacity?

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Uhh, How dare someone support the completely constitutional sitting president of the United States. And Trump is also a real word. But I wouldn't expect leftists to know real words and their original meanings anymore.

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DLive is NOT good alternative to Twitch. I won't go back to DLive or Twitch.

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Haven't they deplatformed Alex Jones or something recently ?

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Aarrrggg! .... Yes....


(Don't be disheartened by the cringy article, which is horrible, the comments make up for it.)

Deleted the app and left a review why. Mr. Jones is America's canary. Thanks for the heads up!

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Indeed they are.

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www.dlive.tv less censored streaming platform because YouTube and Twitch are way too retarded.

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Less censored. Chinese backers.

Something isn't right here.

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It's probably censored in China. Regardless, they do love their foreign data mines.

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When your party is so good and righteous that censorship is 100% required for your survival! That's how you know they are on the right side of history right there!

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So, 'NiggerGamePlayer' would be a no?

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Try it out

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I'm still waiting on HeteroSexualPride emote. They have 9 others... ?

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Twitch is:

  • Amazon
  • California based

If you still want to use it, so be it. Just dont cry, you know the rules.

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