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The answer is simple. Get a payoneer card and stream from Bigo live. They're Singaporean based and couldn't give a fuck about our western politics.

Also, get a crypto account on an exchange that pays directly to bank and fuck em in the ass.

Tbh the crypto route is the best, just pay out daily so you don't get hammered by the falls in value so much.

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He already has his own site, along with vox day

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Exchanges regularly fuck people over by banning them from their exchange platform. Hasn't there been a way to decentralize these centralized exchanges?

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I've been saying this all night. How is this not Election meddling. Reddit Quarantined his subreddit tonight as well. He stated he was running for UKIP MEP within the last week.

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I wonder if WePay, OmniPay or AliPay would do the same.

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crypto is the correct answer

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=Js1kOPu0T4g :

#497 PayPal Deletes My Account Mid Stream - YouTube

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