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This is really sad. Easily one of the most iconic buildings on the planet. If I'm not mistaken, it's mostly made of wood. There won't be much left.

Edit: Wood, limestone and the spire, which already melted off, was made of lead. A sad day for western civilization.

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The complete destruction of European history before our very eyes. No way this is a mistake. No way. This is incredibly sad and enraging at the same time. I’m not even catholic but I understand what architectural marvels like these mean.

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It took the French 182 years to build this. 182 years. I can't even fathom it.

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That is exactly what it is, hopefully it serves as the same sort of catalyst as the Reichtag fire did.

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Just because there have been thwarted terrorist attempts against in the last couple years, and today was the beginning of Holy Week, and there are pictures of muslims celebrating in front of the fire is no reason to expect muslims had anything to do with it.

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Don't worry it will be replaced with a big mosque made of stone with a modern sprinkler system and a Fire department that will be responsible only for it.

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I was going to post the same thing. Fuck it lets push for a mosque or a synavouguo would work too just make shit as bad as possible faster so the frogs realize the water is boiling

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Maybe "some people did something"

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The BBC just announced that the North Tower at Notre Dame has collapsed.

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They seek to destroy all things which are beyond their capabilities.

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From Wikipedia:

8 September 2016: Notre Dame Cathedral bombing attempt. Arrests made after an explosives-filled car was discovered parked alongside the cathedral.

10 February 2017: Police arrested four people in Montpellier, France, including a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man already known by authorities to have ties to extremist Islamist organizations, on charges of plotting to travel to Paris and attack the cathedral.[37]

15 April 2019: A fire breaks out at the cathedral. The outcome is currently uncertain.

What a fucking mystery.

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pretty interesting the narrative that is being pushed is for a "clash of civilizations" in other words for people to try to kill each i wonder who benefits from this?

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best comment

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Watcha doing rabbi...

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I guess we'll never know.

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Yeah, but that doesn't mean they didn't do it. We know who radicalized them, and who benefits, and who ALLOWED the fire to be so destructive.

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totally accidental, goys

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Cause unknown at this time.

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Of course 'causes unknown'. Lone wolf. Mental trauma. Troubled (middle-aged) youth. Candlelight vigil. #jeSuisNotreDame. Kum-ba-Allah. 'This is not who we are'. Reach out. Building bridges, etc, ad nauseam.

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In the articles about this you see scaffolding around the top of the structure where they are currently doing renovations. It's looking more and more like a (construction) accident. This video sickens me and makes me so sad (and I'm not even religious). Edit: I was going by first impressions. It would not shock me in the least if this was caused by fuckhead muslims.

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"accident". Mohammed accidentally dropped his bottle full of gasoline and a lit rag.

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Wonder if there are any arsonists near the blue mosque for retaliation?

Nevermind - Muslims don't let Christians screw around in their countries.

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If so this would be the time to really stick the shiv in us (Easter time).

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Exactly...bunch of Muhammads Diversity hires working on the flat roof with the blow torches.....

Its was accident I swear Infidel!

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Maybe. Maybe its a jewish insurance scam

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Yeah "accident". Like 3 weeks ago

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“Reports indicate that 80 percent of the desecration of places of worship in France concerns Christian churches and in the year 2018 this meant the profanation of an average of two Christian churches per day in France, even though these actions rarely make the headlines.”


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Im sure the pope is cool with it though

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I'm nowhere near Catholic and still see this as a tragedy. Notre Dame was a majestic wonder to behold no matter one's religion or lack thereof. Photos didnt do it justice - it inspired absolute awe for anyone inside.

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It's looking more and more like a (construction) accident.

Yes, that's what I read too.

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No proof at all; that was speculation in the initial report since renovations were occurring. Otherwise, there is no evidence at all that this was caused by renovation. It may well be. It may also be terrorists or some crazy who thought aliens wanted him to do it. We just don't know right now. I know what I suspect, but at this time, we are all just guessing together. What a shame, regardless of the cause. A magnificent piece of history and culture, gone forever. :( I hope no one is hurt.

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Or the scaffolding made it easier for someone to gain access and hide

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French guy was telling it was moozies on Fox but Shepherd Smith cut him out.

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Yup, caught that too. He was pretty nasty to the guy.

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Found a link.

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i read on the twitter how people think highly of sheppard smith.he used to be an anchor for wsvn channel 7 in florida and the guy is as controlled asshole as they come.pity people only judge for the outward appearances not for the character

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Wow. Just wow. Shepard Smith is such a literal faggot. He is that a literal faggo, but this is insane. Heads should role and upheaval commence if this was caused by someone, which I can almost guarantee it was.

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This building has survived every manner of human activity over 800(?) years, multiple revolutions and civil insurrections, several occupations, German bombings, even the Bubonic plague, but flood the city with refugees and whoosh.

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Refugees and native communists. The communists are more responsible than the retarded violent muslims.

The one percent are more responsible than the communists they created.

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Refugees and native communists.

pretty much this

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The (((ones))) responsible sit on the side and profit while other warring factions do battle.

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The communists razed all the cathedrals and churches when they took over Russia.

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Even in our worst moments we are still better people than the invaders.

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Euro Inferno. Riot in Copenhagen yesterday and today France is on fire. Honk Honk

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There's no reason not to burn everything to the fucking ground now. The assholes can be incinerated in it. Rebuilding will be good for our economies, especially since there won't be any hook noses or their follower psychopaths..

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Bets on sand nigger terrorist?

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sand nigger construction workers seems more likely - the fruits of all the cheap labour immigration shills promised us

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This is where I'm placing my bet. Import retarded slaves for cheap labor and pay way more when that retard burns down one of your national treasures. I hope they saved enough compared to hiring a native (they didn't).

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We were told they were all Engineers and Brain surgeons. This is the price of bullshit.

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FYI you can thank the US for funding the renovation.

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