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Niggers release their pent-up aggression and hostility in spiteful, underhanded ways -- that's when they are not losing their shit and chimping out.

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They all look alike so well...but then again how many times has this happened to white children in western countries??

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In USA identification footprints are the norm in the OR before baby is wheeled out. see my comment in thread below.

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Never trust a monkey nigger in a Western hospital with children or with anything.

When they're not busy doing what @ardvarcus mentioned, they're fucking everything all up because of their own stupidity. Check out the racial acceptance to US medical schools.

Officially, to get into medical school they go by your Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score and your Grade Point Average (GPA). The majority of niggers who score as dogshit low as a 24-26 MCAT and 3.2 to 3.4 GPA get accepted to medical school. I've scored above that MCAT range on a practice test I took prep-free for shits and laughs, and I'm a random asshole who isn't even a doctor. For the same scores as most niggers, only 5.9% of Asians and 8% of Whites get accepted. These nogs end up put in charge of others' lives and health.

They then get another systemic boost through the socially subversive Hebrew laws in being diversity hired and affirmative actioned like a Trojan horse into Western hospitals where some HR dog mom mindwashed into cultural Marxism by the electric Jew tells some fat fuck IT cuck with soymilk in his hand to plaster the darkie on the landing page of the hospital site.

Don't buy the lies, don't get treated by some Congoid animal. A degree means dick if you're a freak feral rape ape because in Weimar America and the modern West, if your skin looks like shit some kike of a dean gives you a Willy Wonka ticket to clown college. HONK HONK

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Had a relative transfered to a hospital in Oakland and they died shortly after.

Also knew people who drove around as EMTs and they said black cities had the worst hospital staff, patient care, most abuse, etc. etc.

Sad that it's the case and if it was cultural, it could all be fixed, but there seems to be a genetic factor at play.

But if that's the case, then black people really have it the worst, as they are the most likely to be born into these situations.

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Nigger aggression and hostility aren't so much "pent up" as "temporarily dormant." They don't seem to have the capacity to hold their tempers long enough for any emotion to become what we humans would recognize as "pent up."

It's easy to anthropomorphize animals sometimes, but always keep in mind that niggers are more like chimps than people, and even when they seem complacent they are sizing up an opportunity to bite something off of you.

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Yeah. They can be real pieces of shit like that.

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FUN FACT : For over 60 or 70 years, In most US military hospitals (ARMY , NAVY, etc) INKED FOOTRINTS prevent this swap!

A baby's foot is inked and a foot print (similar to fingerprints but less invasive) is performed before wheeling out a baby from the OR. The parents keep the "receipt'' footprint to prevent insider staff tampering.

Then the practice of taking inked footprints spread to other hospitals all across the USA, to prevent brown skin nurses from swapping whiteys babies or other willful mischief.

Some erroneously claim its mainly a keepsake : (see below), but the "life line" creases, and patterns are unique and for identification if needed!


It is a real problem in non USA hospitals (baby swapping of lighter skinned kids for slightly darker), so there are actual automated foot identifier technologies for africa :


Note the phrase : "Especially in developing countries , where security in public maternity wards is not very tight, and overcrowding is common"

TL/DR: This is hard to do in USA, but this was africa, but even in africa, Whitey invented a solution for the blacks.

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are they trying to get lighter skinned babies cuz the lighter the better?

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The darker the skin, the dumber the bitch.

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Yes. for friends families.

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Documentary on the subject.


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It’s actually much more complex than that now at any decent hospital. The parents get bracelets when they arrive, the baby gets one soon after birth prior to ever leaving the parents. In fact, a ‘baby friendly’ hospital rating means the baby doesn’t leave the parents at any point unless medical care (i.e. NICU) is indicated. Also, if any infant is to be transported outside the secured area to another secured area they lock down the floor. Emergency exits included. The baby’s tag also has RFID to shut down the unit if they are moved out of bounds without authorization.

My wife is an OB/Gyn. The babies have an amazing amount of security around them.

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Unless aborted. Then they're suddenly treated as medical waste. Or chopped up and sold off.

Thank you, libs.

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foot prints on paper are the only sure thing, other than dna from the blood spot card matched to the baby dna. A clever motivated person in hospital otherwise could SWAP a baby.

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Yep, that's exactly how our experience was with our daughter. She never once left our sight. We all had wrist bands and she even had an ankle monitor that would sound an alarm if she left the maternity ward. We're definitely going back to that hospital for our next kid.

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The other solution is to just hire a midwife for a home birth.

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Huh, I vaguely remember those inked footprint things. Think it was in my mother's book of pictures and mementos.

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Besides homeschooling, you have to have your babies at home now. I suppose a white community could chip in for a co op home visit doctor that just they employ. Of course the balkanization of western countries won't just be Sikhs, and Muslims & and everybody else wanting their own ethno state in each country, it will be white people wanting their own too. Then they'll remember that it ALL belongs to them and the assholes better go home or die.

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This story took place in Zambia. We don’t let this shit happen in the US

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I used to tell myself that too... a long time ago.

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Boil the frog slowly

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We just need a all white gated city,then we don't have to worry.

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fucking niggers

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She dindu nuffin until it was time to face gah himself.

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For those that didn't read the article: This was a Zambian nurse shuffling Zambian babies. No white babies were switched because I seriously doubt two white babies have ever been born at that hospital in the same week.

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Across africa they swap darker babies for slightly lighter babies in city regions where its not one homogeneous skin tone, but skin tone at birth is a tricky thing to judge, as UV rays kick off primary melanin production after birth.

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One advantage to being a white baby born in a Japanese hospital. There was a kid who wanted to have me as a sibling instead, but swapping would have been impossible.

With the health issues and height I got from my father, I'm absolutely certain I wasn't swapped at birth. Thanks, dad.

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Dads: FUCKING NEVER let your child out of your sight, from the moment it exits the mother's body until you are transporting the child home, DO NOT BLINK.

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(((They))) probably just say that you can't enter the room where they must take your baby to supposedly perform some test. Say FUCK YOU.

And don't let them mutilate your son's penis, no matter how much the claim it will benefit him or avoid problems.

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And nobody noticed because they all look exactly the same.

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Yeah, that was my first thought. If a white couple takes home a baby that isn't theirs, they'll probably know before too long. Because as it turns out, whites are the ones with ACTUAL diversity of skin, eyes, hair, facial features, etc.

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Then they all went back to the same mud tents and all became baby raping militia

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I wonder how many babies she killed due to this, what an absolute piece of shit.

I hope she gets raped before she dies.

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She's probably already been raped a number of times.

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Rape is just horseplay to niggers

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Who cares.

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People who have can feel empathy...

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