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I bet the Onion is out of business now, as it can no longer upstage reality

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"I created “Medusa Magazine” and I am shutting it down because Feminist stupidity has surpassed satire" ~AgeOfShitlords


Some good laughs on that site, worth a perusal if you have never seen it. Various "journalists" started picking up the spoof stories they were posting and repeating them as if they were a real news source. Hilarious.

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sad that satire 2 years ago is taken seriously now

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I remember reading it. Obvious satire isn't obvious to the left. Good times.

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And Jordan Peterson was lying about this law???

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They've been gaslighting the whole time.

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This is the same court that is fining small business owners, most women with small children, for refusing the wax the balls of Canadian pedophile Jonathan Yaniv.

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Pay attention. Canada is now rendering legal judgement against citizens who do not say a gender word that the government mandates that they say. This is required speech. If you don't pay your fine, you will then lose your job and be thrown in jail. If you don't realize that this is a totalitarian precedent of oppression which will be applied to every facet of your life in the future, you may as well bend over and kiss your canuck ass goodbye now.

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The government only mandates that you say what the mentally ill tranny wants you to say.

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They wont even let you confront their kangaroo court by not paying. They will garnish your wages so they don't have to face you in a proper court.

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lmao, canada is fucked

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Our "left" - is way further left than yours.

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This is just the start. This kangaroo court is made to champion degenerates and pedophiles exclusively: https://jonathanyaniv.org/

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He should hit back for the court misgendering him in the letters.

Well duh of course he didn't make it offical yet, because right in this moment his gender switched and it may switch again till the next hearing.

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It is literally only if you disagree with them. There's a different transgender person who is a huge critic and goes around giving presentations on how dangerous the trans-agenda had become.

The media routinely misgenders him, won't respect that he identifies as trans... All the while saying he is guilty of hate speech for criticizing cis transgender activists. They just won't take him to court because it is easier to go after a Christian man with a history of being opposed to gay normalization, first.

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His name?

Lauren Southern


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He didn't misgender Ogre. Ogre misgenders himself.

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So Trans-mentally ill people have rights that are more important than everyone else' rights? Right?

That is the only way to apply logic to this.

The Soviet Union collapsed under less stress than our society is facing. That stress being an unsustainable empire of lies.

We are just going to have to face it: In democracy, everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

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Democracy is garbage. Better than shit like communism yeah, but it's still pretty bad.

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Some animals are more equal than others.

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In Canada, degenerate, pedophile animals rule: https://jonathanyaniv.org/

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What a completely apt name for that creature.

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