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Coincidence, correlation or causation ?

There was also the Covington backlash against fake news. One could easily claim msm outlets are killing possible lawsuit factories.

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The more I look at this situation, the more I think it's Obama era 'counter-propaganda' media people being let go.

'Opinion-section'?! Since when did a paper need to hire people to get an opinion? (Oh, when they want to MANUFACTURE the opinion, echo it and denigrate any other opinion?)

Someone figured out the funding Obama had for those programs = about 80% of the pay of those laid off.. So yeah, why would the media peeps just keep paying them for something they neither need or direct.

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The opinion sections in papers usually were written either by prominent people on the topic or people in the community of the paper. Now they are usually just social justice mind shaping operations.

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It is quite plausible indeed, I just haven't seen any factual data on that hypothesis.

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This right here. Too much support this.

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One could easily claim msm outlets are killing possible lawsuit factories.

Indeed, the Covington boys are preparing a law suit right now for defamation where they have hired a dream team of lawyers : https://canadafreepress.com/article/defamation-dream-team-of-five-law-firms-assembling-to-take-on-journalists-m

I think the sudden firing spree is an attempt to distance the decision makers at these news outlets from the reporters who put the messages out there so that they cannot be held legally and financially liable for their actions (what they will claim is that they did not approve of the messages and took the appropriate action of firing the employees who put forth fake news, i.e. deflect the defamation suit from themselves onto the journalists).

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This could be it. They had their opportunity to apoligize/retract, but doubled down. Now they lost their jobs.

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Is this 3 week temporary resolution for all government or is any remaining shutdown?

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Learn to code.

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(Gasp) How could anyone be so unsympathetic to these people, that their only response is "learn to code?" These are hard working people down in the coal mines!

Edit: Sorry, I somehow hit the submit button prematurely. Never happened before...

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Just wondering. Since Trump is seizing the bank accounts associated with trafficking, I wonder if this is where some of that money came from. Its a guess, but were / are that 15% paid with illicit laundered funds?

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Couldn’t happen to nicer people, that’s what happens when you put out fake news.

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tap tap tap

Nope the sympathy meter just isn't registering.

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If it’s a service you ain’t paying for you are the product.

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Somehow the government shut down is portraying the right as cruel evil and heartless, but yet it is the left that won’t come to the table and even budge and fight or even come to a small compromise for their poor innocent government employees they claim to care so much about !!! keep the bitches shut down in my opinion

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That's not enough people fired

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