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the level of shit is so high you can't even fake hide it anymore, i'm more amazing that retarded idiots that watch cnn can still sit there and spew the NPC dialog . i feel like i'm walking among a population that had lobotomy and i missed the free invitation for mine. every day it is like invasion of the brain snatchers in some B sci fi classic, its rampant in my own family. during thanksgiving the second a mouth was free of food the NPC shit would start and i just ran out of the room. you can't even engage in debate you have 10 family members literally spewing orange man bad and they get louder screaming at you "one of us" over and over.

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These people didn't learn the value of critical thinking. That is all about to change, however. Universe does not favor ignorance or stupidity. Prepare yourself for the coming chaos.

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Let's get this party started

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No one watches it outside of airports and other forced public broadcasting spaces.

It's there to record, quote and be quoted within a closed Fake News loop of manufactured sources.

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And to be used as "historical proof" later down the line. I don't know how much of our history was deleted and replaced with lies, but the amount is great. Grand Tartaria.

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True but I'm noticing a disturbing rise in people turning MSNBC on.

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That's just fine. That's the goal.

Nobody outside usa sees our alt media. CNN is the global face of America. They're what the other citizens see when they look towards us. Trump calling them fake, and them having to broadcast that..

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How the fuck do people believe CNN just happened to have a "hunch" that the arrest was going to take place. How the fuck do they rationalize the Batman (old series) logic of connecting-the-dots until you arrive at the non-sequitur of "Show up at Stone's house."

They say they had some "unusual grand jury activity" or some bullshit. How is that even fucking possible? Fuck these fuckers, I'm so tired of this propaganda arm of the lefty global-homo-superstate.

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It feels like we are part of some sick horror movie... How can this be the reality we are living in?! People scared of hats, completely comped lying media, growing left outrage.... What the hell is happening, I want off this ride!

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The FBI tipped them off......is the popular belief and quite believable. Just look at tneir credibility and history.

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I need to feed my unicorn.

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HAHAHA 'Gut instinct'.... Can I pet your unicorn?

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You gotta wait, I'm still growing the magic beans that Jack left.

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Why didn't they just send 1 agent to his house and knock on the door? Night Vision, assault weapons. This guy is not Al Capone.

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Because they had to put on a show for their propaganda instrument.

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The term is Agitprop.

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Could'a done it with a phone call. Fucking high dramatics by the FBI.

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Roger come down and turn yourself it.

OK. See you with my lawyer about noon.

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They were sending a message.

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Optics. Shock and awe for the sheep.

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They're truly this fucking dumb aren't they?

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They think we are even dumber. Not completely wrong btw

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It's like with a pathological liar, when people just start ignoring their bullshit because they are sick of arguing with it, the liar convinces himself everyone is buying what they're selling.

Then it gets really entertaining, as we see.

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His FBI informant is named "Gut Instinct"

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The media works for the intelligence agencies it's really not that hard.

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Federal propaganda/conditioning for the sheeple. Fear them is what the Feds are saying. No matter what your crime we will track you to the ends of the earth with our limitless military budget coupled with space age technology. There is no escape and resistance is futile!

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holy shit

speaking of which who wants to buy a bridge?

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