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Just a reminder to those who may be gullible enough to say some dumb shit on this site... Voat has never produced ample evidence to prove that it is anything but a honeypot. Yes, it allows free speech, but don't say anything on here that may get you thrown in prison. Be smart. Watch out for people baiting you into saying violent shit. It's a typical and common tactic used by LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers).

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They're complicit. The upper guy's are either in on it or under duress to leave it alone. The idealistic younger guys either get dealt with or burnt out.

I know a few people who found things and wanted to get the police/fbis attention and they both told them to fuck off and don't bother them.

I use "guys" literally. I haven't seen a woman express protection empathy to a strangers child outside of her own virtue signaling


[–] AllLibsAreEvilDemons 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

I have a 1st Amendment right to say whatever the fucking hell I want.

As long as you stop short of direct threats against specific individuals with details of attack in said threat, and you stop short of inciting violence by directly asking someone to break the law, then you can say whatever the fuck you want, so long as you're not a giant fucking pussy.

Honeypot or not, biting words need to be read and heard by many more people as a direct counter to the constant onslaught of propaganda we face every single day.

For example, "I hope every single Jewish child is killed by being tortured to death" is protected speech.


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children are still children, and you are still fucked in the head. they may not nab you for speech online, but that certainly doesn't stop them from putting you on their radar and nabbing you for something else offline.


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So, asking a question is wrongthink?


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The agenda of the left is driven by emotion, and fanaticism. Any use of reason is bad to them, because it may lead to truth, and truth to the left is like holy water to vampires.


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No. Say what you want. Just realize there’s cunts out there who’ll do whatever they can to ruin your life if they could.


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You make a valid point. Some post look like bait.