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Two things.

First, the fact that this is reported at all is a feat of social engineering to further degrade culture.

Second, it proves that women really just want to be taken care of and stay at home. The woman feels powerless because of being told she needs to be like a man in order to be a good feminist and so identifies as a man... but this has a devastating effect on the female psyche, and so she acts like a dog in order to circumvent her God given role as wife and mother while virtue signaling to the degenerate community.

Really really sad. What needs to happen is some cleansing fire to burn out the impurities in Western culture.

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I think you've nailed this on both counts.

Long as she's spayed, I'm happy.

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I agree with the feminist interference part destroying her identity as a woman, but I think her dog roleplay is due to some deep-seated childhood abuse and degradation. Or possibly some furry porn fetish due to an inability to form functional relationships with other human beings. Again, stemming from bad parenting. It's hard to laugh at something so fucking tragic. This has become a surreal joke of epic proportions.


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a downvote brigade of frightened white power faggots literally took me from almost 300 CCP to -90 CCP overnight so I will no longer have the ability to be heard and you're trying to tell me voat doesn't censor? LOLOLOLOL!

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It's attention seeking behavior. It's not attractive by any measurement, so it compensates by over sexualizing itself. It's making it's bdsm fetish known publicly.

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Yeah, you could be right. Maybe a child of a single mom or something similar.

Fucked up situation.

Kyrie eleison.

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I picked up the first point on my own. Why would any reputable news organization take the time to write something like this? It is merely 2 people who are mentally ill - one more severely than the other. What benefit is there in giving attention to it? 25 years ago you'd probably see a story like this in the Weekly World News. Now it's a legit story. I'm waiting for CNN to do a segment on Batboy next. I wish I were kidding.

I didn't think deeply enough to work out the second point. This is very insightful and when you start to look at things in this manner, you can trace nearly any unusual fetish or the huge trans movement which has come about to the fucked up re-wiring that has been going on with gender over the past 30 years. Unless you're redpilled, it's got to be nearly impossible to feel comfortable in your skin as either a straight man or a straight woman anymore.

I wonder what percent of millennials, despite still being young, have trouble performing sexually in a normal setting and need some extra kink to get off?

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We have a mentally ill female pretending to be a male. She gets into a relationship with mentally ill man who pretends this woman is a man. They pretend they are both in a homosexual relationship. And because this abhorrent behavior isn't fucked up enough, the female pretending to be a male is now pretending to be a dog. So now the Male is into beastieality with a bitch.

Did I miss anything?

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There are rumblings of all kinds of erectile dysfunction in your men these days. Apparently porn is so blase now that things like compilations or weird porn are needed to even keep modern young dicks interested.

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We can't even be sure these (exact) people actually exist with this lifestyle. Why is this LA-centric news reported on a UK media site? Is this mockingbird propaganda? Wholesale constructed? Who is the target? UK readers and US crossover readers? I know there are people out there with these sort of kinks and bent brains, but what is the journalistic purpose of this story? Social puff piece?

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Cool, we can put it down then.

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With an attack helicopter

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Can it have rotator blades of peace?

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Mental illness

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And it can't vote or sign contracts.

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But can it bite and shake a rat to death?

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Totally not a mental illness, bigot.

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I gave you the benefit of the doubt and imagined a '/s' at the end of that.

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So why is she still wearing bras if she's supposedly a man (and a dog) now?

Husband has probably already given up on everything north of the pussy.

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She's pretty stacked TBH, and in the last picture she had a female hairstyle. She certainly hasn't put much effort into becoming a man.

My diagnosis is that she's not a tranny but just your run of the mill attention whore.

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I miss the days when these folks would be placed in a mental hospital and we wouldn't have to hear about them.

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It was to protect them, but more importantly, to protect society.

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Also, society does need to be taught healthy values.

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let me guess............. *woof Trump is not his president *woof

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Nah. It's a chick that claims it's a dude/dog.

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Not mentally ill at all. We're just bigots

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My favorite bit is the part where the husband won't show his eyes in any of the pictures and has an emotionless face. He is sick of her shit, and clearly irritated at the interview.

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