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Eric Holder.....presidential hopeful,that is some funny shit right there!

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President of what? that fucker is a laugh a minute.

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Maybe he will get assissinated with one of the illegal guns he illegally let loose on the civilian population during Operation Fast and Furious.

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Eric Holder is evil as fuck. Let's hope his gunrunning corrupt ass makes it to the primary for an easy loss. Let me suggest an equal running mate: Anthony "Itouchminors" Weiner.

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they have no idea what will happen when you wake the good people of this country up. ask japan in 1941. bring it on brain dead followers of the commie socialist assholes.you will FEEL THE BURN

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Who else is ready for Hilldawg to announce she's slowly shuffling her way into the 2020 fray?

My money is on her dying from exhaustion before Election Night.

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This clown, Holder, can go fuck himself; but the “outrage” over what he said is cheap. This was more like a shitty football half time speech. Eric Holder is a terrible coach, and the Democratic Party hasn’t won a game all season.

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Yes. His words fell short of calling for violence. Of course, given what is happening on the streets, he should be calling for civility, or at least to abide the law.

I wonder how close to home his comment about his wife and Michelle O really was.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=tN5c-TNsx4M :

BREAKING: 2020 Dem Presidential Hopeful ESCALATES HATE And Calls For VIOLENCE - YouTube

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Hillary and Bernie teaming up ?

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