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I kind of believe it’s more of a Satanist Banker world order: worshippers of Moloch, hence the Bronze Wall Street bull.

“Rabbinical tradition depicted Moloch as a bronze statue heated with fire into which the victims were thrown.” From Wikipedia

This extends all the way to the Carthaginians. Who were said to sacrifice children to Baal Haman.

The Roman Legion worshipped the god “Mithras” who was the slayer of bulls. This god has many links to Christianity and freemasonry. Mithraian iconology exists in our country as the Statue of Liberty (Sol Invictus) and in the Phrygian caps on state seals.


[–] BLOODandHONOUR 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago 

You are quite close my friend. The remaining clue I believe you are missing is Luciferianism. Those who pledge their lives to Lucifer and believe him to be “god” at war with Adoni (THE CREATOR). Visit v/synagogueofsatan for more.


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That is why I always say NAME THE ROTHSCHILDS. We know their ethnicity, but we have to make sure everyone knows and understands their occult beliefs.

This is also why Kabbalah is promoted so widely by Hollywood. Occult 101- Entry level occultism


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Lucifer is NOT Satan.


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This is the correct answer. Anyone who has gone down the rabbit hole knows this shit. Love reading comments like this. Thank you.


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This is a beautiful thread.


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Anytime. Thank you.


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The Roman Legion worshipped the god “Mithras” who was the slayer of bulls. This god has many links to Christianity and freemasonry.

You mean Catholicism and Lite-Catholicism(Protestants)? Cuz worshipping the sun god Baal(also Mithra, also Sol, also Horus, etc. Read The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop), sure ain't Christian. These SUNday churches keeping SUNday the first day of the week holy isn't Christian. Catholicism is a mix of pagan roots and religion with the surface appearance of Christianity. That Jupiter god statue in Rome? No no that's Saint Peter now. (Or Saint John? I forget.)


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'Satanic Banker' is such an apropos term , description. IT really is. These people are given a plan to follow , which they do follow . They are taught the secret combinations of how to murder in order to gain. Greed is their God. Carnal knowledge motivated by Santanic banker greed. They rape and murder and abuse the children. Innocense offends them..Massively. So much of this wickedness against children and the natural order of things. Assault on every front.Truth is a lie , and a lie is truth... inverted.. It's like one day , you look around , and the foul offensive wickedness is so profound you cannot deny it exists any longer.There are people in power who actively passionately facillitate these evil practices . They desire it , fund it , kill for it , and WANT IT THIS WAY. Why? I cannot comprehend why child sex and blood sacrifice is a desired thing. . My mind just draws a blank on what kind of human filth would instigate ,perpertrate such depths of human misery and suffering.. It makes me want to seek it out , and kill it. Angers and horrifies me. Makes me sad.. it is so much more than politics. That is just a timeless act of smoke and mirrors.. This is the eternal battle that defines our ultimate inheirtance. One says , you choose , the other tricks you with the false knowledge that you can do what EVER you want , gain Earthly riches and power ,indluging in evil practices , and yet some how side step justice for what you will be judged for.. This is what Satan wants, the rights to your soul to do as evil wants .. it is his to ensnare and own by the partakers of evil .This war stared before the beginning.Bondage . Total enslavement and control of humanity via their desire for all things unGodly , concerned only for satisfying wandering strange desires. Chained by their trespass , sins , and through mortal death , a hopeless complete domination and rule of their free will is accorded to them.. .Spiritual death. And what does that take? Doing evil and despising the light.Offended at what is good. What kind of creature expects any peace or good reward living for all things wrong.and anti life? . . Satan wants to take that from you , to have you submit your liberty , your freedom to choose anything at all , to the Liar , to dwell in a kingdom where there is absolutely no hope and no self will . Why this kind of suffering is attractive to some , is a concept I cannot comprehend. Yet we see it , deal with it , suffer from it every fucking day...