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Spoiler: Don't allow your country to become a diversified, multicultural shithole.

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Learn from America?
No thanks

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No niggers ...

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Please don’t tell them. Japan has enough problems already keeping foreign pressures at bay.

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Yup the kikes are trying really hard to get em to let some in. Just a few...just this once. COMON JAPAN YOU HEARTLESS BASTARDS!

The only thing that's saving em is they are not white. Of course they are Asian so that offers little protection.

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No niggers, No Muslims...No WHITES (other than US occupation forces)....STRICTLY and CORRECTLY controlled borders.

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Mr Abe is a hero.

Reactionary nationalist populism is the best ideology.

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its a stupid easy lesson to learn too, do not import Muslim terrorists or any mud for that matter, kick out the niggers too and of them all the kikes need to be delt with.