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Boats. Immediately upon capture, pop them on a big boat and take them way down to the southern end of Mexico on the Pacific side, around Oaxaca, then put them into rubber rafts a couple of hundred yards offshore and let them return the way so many of them got in.

Really though physical removal (or a physical barrier) is a small part of the problem. The key thing is to change the laws so that illegal aliens and their spawn cannot obtain welfare, housing, education, healthcare, citizenship, ID, driving privileges, bank accounts, mortgages, leases, jobs, "asylum", or any of the other crap the crooked politicians have been allowing them to acquire at citizen/taxpayer expense for decades (thus incentivizing their endless and growing invasion).

A good start would be shutting down the $30 billion in annual "remittances" illegal invaders drain from the US economy and send electronically back to Mexico each year.