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No, that means we have to pay for the method and cleanup. Deport via trebuchet, cleanup would then be handled by the spick gov, and it would also serve as a deterrent. Don't want to splat in mexico? Then don't come to the US illegally.


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You guys wouldn't even do that in Israel. Should we kill your fellow Jews that sneak into the country too?


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Compassion and empathy has been abused and burned out. Slaughter all invaders and weep over it later when we are secure. Only from those with the greatest love can come the darkest violence. We have been violated and only complete slaughter of those who have wronged us will suffice. No compromise. I’ve watched comprise my entire life. It only ever entails us loosing. The (((left))) only gains. Though I’ve never believed in god I’ve watched the founding religion of our country be belittled and ridiculed. Righteous good men ashamed and quiet in their belief lest others think less of them. Only annihilation will suffice.


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Why not make a few shekels and render them into soap and lampshades oy vey! To think of the wasted sheckels! At least 6 million sheckels to be made!