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No, maybe I have missed the point of the thread. I was thinking they were waiting of illegal immigrants to turn 18 to begin the process of deportation. I was quipping that we should just exterminate them at that time as enemy combatants, without wasting money on a bullet. Just that tool that shoots (electrically, mechanically) a prod into the steers' brain, killing them...hamburgers!


[–] NoBS 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Enemy Combatants that steal a fraction of the poorest DC Swamp dweller? The ones who profit off Pay to Play? Murdering is misguided with a premature ejaculation thrown in for our perverted Masters in National Security.

It's like you repeat the instruction manual from the FBI's book of Seth Rich interrogation. Are you subconsciously a Divide and Conquer disciple? Or is that your hidden agenda? Serious questions that require reality based problem solving.

Yet so far the violent hatred has moved beyond simplistic retardation and is now criminally insane.

Some of us have evolved beyond feral humans, most "civilized" air breathers have not.


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Some of us have evolved beyond feral humans

That's why we're dying out. We're no longer fit to survive in this environment.


[–] thebearfromstartrack ago 

Value is not relevant. Equal JUSTICE right?

Really? I have NO hidden agenda. I'm a NATURAL hero.

YOUR fault fat guy.

You have not. Sometimes the monkey is necessary. The WHITE monkey.