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It was the only civilized place in Africa. Wasn’t it the only one with a large white population too? Wow. What a coincidence. What a coincidence that most white countries don’t suck. What a coincidence that all nigger countries do suck. Wow. What a bunch of coincidences. That being said we should import niggers by the millions.

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I'm still waiting for someone to answer my question; "Name one place in the entire history of humankind that was prosperous and successful that was controlled and governed by black people?" (and it has to have really existed - Wakanda doesn't count)

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As the old saying goes, anon:

Nothing was ever made better by adding more niggers to it.

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Excellent point!

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My name is boer braveheart on gab

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Can't we trade the whites in south africa with the blacks in America?

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Your country doesn't want hard working white farmers who are willing to integrate.

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Yes we do, and more importantly we want rid of all these niggers. They want to be African-American, we can shorten that title up for them. Boom, now you're just African.

Then destroy any mode of transportation that would enable them to leave there and reach another continent. In 2 generations they will have forgotten all about white folks and the remainders of infrastructure there will be spoken of as being built by gods.

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We do, its just that they make it seem like we want "diversity" most people I know dont want any of this.

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The Whites needto detonate a few of their meetings. They're animals looking for alpha leaders. The Whites can take that role but they have to stop sucking on the peace, love and understanding bullshit. That shit only works if people aren't killing you.

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Retribution will be had in South Africa. When the corporatist giants from the western world begin to lay clam to African natural resources there will be a genocide that only the fevered dreams of 'holocaust survivors' could imagine.

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Oh you don't know what is real in their minds.

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Integration and assimilation of the white minority is no longer an option in South Africa. Whites face an increasing amount of adversity, hate and hate crimes. The only option we have is to leave South Africa. This should be our aim and our goal. Our political leaders in the white community should start planning and negotiating this with foreign white countries (Like Russia) to this effect and this should be done sooner rather than later. Let South Africa rot, I hate this country and hate this continent. Our forefathers should never have came here.

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Just touch their necks with rope.

Wear gloves just in case.

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Are there not enough white people left there to eradicate these niggers?

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3 million whites, 5 million Khoi and 52million niggers. So no.

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Well, two points. First get the whites to Russia and then watch what the globalists plan to do with the remainers.

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Plenty of room for good white folks in the US, or any other white country for that matter. Whites made that place a paradise, it will be worse than a ruin again shortly.

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There are sufficient Chinese to bleach Africa yellow ... and noone bitch about chi.com smarts or work ethic.

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Think the Chinese are more deeply rooted there than most know, and they won't give a fuck about anyone when they decide to take over.

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Hahahahahahaha, I am constantly astounded at the stupidity of niggers.

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