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That’s ridiculous. They need to increase taxes. They should easily be able to pay for far more migrants than that.

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On reddit this comment wouldnt even read as sarcasm.

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Reason number 1,235,476 not to be on reddit.

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I made this but then saw you beat me to the joke.


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Think smarter, not harder.

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They're bigots

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I'd like to see a real comparison though. Sustaining welfare migrant vs sustaining aryian welfare recipient

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Certainly the pensioners can give up just a little bit more.

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Now that NATO spending is back in the spotlight I bet that 12:1 is only possible because they aren’t spending much of their own money on defense. It is more like 12 Germans, .25 Americans to support 1 rapefugee.

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Careful now, Merkel might get the perfect idea to solve several issues with one stone.


  • Trump is forcing Germany to spend more (well the required minimum) into defense
  • Bundeswehr can't get enough people to join
  • Migrants have little useful skills, since poor guys come from war torn countries

Solution: Recruit the migrants into Bundeswehr, pay them extraordinary amounts and everyone is happy (not really)

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Fuck that shit.

I would just put migrants into forced slavery labor to benefit the country. Pay em the minimum, and torture the ones who refuse to work.

I don't believe in human rights, I believe in improving the living standard of working middle class citizens and reducing taxes for everyone.

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So Germany can run a mercenary army. That will be interesting.

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Yes, we pay for their necessities so they can keep their pets. It's like a dysfunctional family.

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Hilarious, considering the migrants were billed as revitalizing their host country's workforce and solving the preexisting pension bomb problem. In a way that problem did get solved, since now the migrants rape and kill old people before anyone can reach retirement. But the idea that this human garbage was actually going to do any work still tickles me.

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the Euro will collapse

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Don't forget about all those holohoax reparations. There are (((people))) who are descendants of the (((holocaust))) victims that live off them to this day.

[–] 00001000001100110101 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Reminds me of the kikes who wanted to legally be able to rob swiss banks based off reparations. The swiss kindly told the kikes to go fuck themselves.

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The Germans should have done that as well.

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For the low cost of just 480 man-hours, you can feed one African Muslim.

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And it probably costs 32 Americans to work and pay to protect Germany. Pay your NATO fees you defenseless twat of a country.

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How many Germans does it take to pay the way of free-loader Jews still whining about their "Holocaust"?

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We should spam German sites with memes that force them to think logically about the situation. Here's my contribution.


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