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Aw, c'mon fuckers! Get those numbers back up! These are rookie numbers!

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Epic trololololol

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Would you like to hear how this will be "debunked" and used as evidence that the crossing has become more dangerous?

But Italy’s new government and their stricter immigration policy has busted that myth, with a massive drop in immigration arrivals this year (16,919) of 80% compared to last year(85,197), the death toll for migrants has inevitably also dropped, from 2,258 to 1,058.

1058/(16919+1058) = 5.9% 2258/(85197+2258) = 2.6%

So the chance of dying while attempting to cross has risen by 227% or more than doubled!

Yes this is how statistics are used to mislead people.

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Probably because it is a lot riskier to get into Italy now with Salvini so you are more likely to die. Because in the past, they would sink their boats and the dumbass Europeans would drown themsevles trying to save as many refugees as possible. Salvini doesnt give a fuck if you sink your own boat

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Italy should simply stop recording the number of deaths that occur during crossing. Wouldn't want to feed the stereotype that blacks can't swim after all.

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Right: it has more than doubled. Wrong: it has not risen by 227%. It has risen to 227% or risen by 127%. If something went from 20 to 21 you would not say it has risen by 105%.

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So..... close enough for modern day expectations for accuracy and the creation of misleading headlines?

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^ This guy did the math.