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Love the comments. " ....if Detroit was zero percent black we wouldn’t need the evening news. Of course if Detroit was zero percent black it would have zero population. "

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Not true, though -- if the blacks all left Detroit, the real humans would move back there.

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No, detroit is full of muslim immigrants now

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Stating facts is not racist. Hiding stats is. Fucking (((media)))

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jews are 2% and look at the destruction they cause.

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Quite a lot would be an understatement.

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Niggers gonna nig, even in Madison.

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I've been to Madison! I served with the Chief Of Police's son but he was KIA

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Lovely town... it really should be segregated. Not Jim Crow but like, with the negroes in cages. Maybe some obese ugly women could be allowed to keep them on leashes with ball gags.

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You're describing a "progressive" paradise.

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A progressive paradise is where the slaves whip themselves and call it freedom.

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horseshoe effect?

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Gun violence in Madison is a shit-ton of fun. The random neighborhood gunfight on weekends? Or getting car-jacked at a gas station? Yup, Letting the Milwaukee and Chicago diversity into the city was a great plan. Pockets of hood rats all over rather than a central location. What could go wrong? Gangs play ninja, you see the hand shakes in public from time to time but they don't tag. At least in Chicago you know who's turf your in with a little research.

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This is why we fight

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