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How much of these ratings are from businesses who leave that shit on all day?

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That may be all they have left. HGTV, the Cooking and Weather Channels would be a safer bet for any business... and more interesting.

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When I used to have a membership to LA Fitness, the treadmills always faced TVs that would play either CNN, FOX News or HGTV. I always went for the treadmill that faced one of the load bearing columns if possible.

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I've noticed even airports don't want CNN. In the area I'm in it's either CNN on mute or the TV is turned off. Only in ultra-liberal areas have I seen it on, full blast, which makes me think that the left's voter base must be extremely volatile, and that the powers that be have already given up on the rural areas

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Ratheon and Boeing bribe them to push war.

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You can't hide bad acting. The Trump hate is so contrived, constant and ridiculous on MSNBC, it's like watching an 8th grade play.

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Except 8th graders stop acting when they aren't on stage.

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Liberals... less relevant than kids and houses/gardens. Sounds about right.

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With the midterm elections looming in November this has to be making the top brass of the DNC wet their knickers. People aren't even tuning in to watch their propaganda let alone believe it.

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And this long after SpongeBob went downhill

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What truly amazing about this is the usually liberal programming does better under conservatives and conservative programming does better under liberals. By going hard left, they’ve managed to create a new tv ratings phenomenon.

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Good let the mother fuckers burn let CNN and MSNBC burn. Burn mother fuckers burn burn burn.

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