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Baltimore is an actual African shithole, I suggest visiting if you want to see how ugly this country can become.

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Posted the "Visualizing Crime vs. Black people Map of Baltimore" in politics just now after seeing this post.

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I suggest visiting if you want to get robbed


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Before the niggers it was a center for art and culture in this country known throughout the world.

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I seriously cannot even believe that, like I just don't know how that might be possible.

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It's almost as if the way the police were doing their jobs before was stopping crime.

[–] CromLaughsAtTheWeak 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago 

If we had more crime, we might have more justice.

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niggers are killing each other but it is the cops fault? .....they only investigate white people being shot because no one in the ape community talks to cops at all anyways.

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They hate police and want their help? Let the filth destroy the filth.

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Cops think twice before going somewhere dangerous when they fear punishment if they make a mistake in a high stress situation.

[–] CromLaughsAtTheWeak 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago 

That's why they're never punished for anything they ever do. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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I know a young girl who is getting ready to go to college there. I sat here down and told her reality about that place and blacks. She looked at me with the fluoride stare. Her dad is a neurosurgeon so she will get to live in a gated place, but still, I told her to never relax

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Sheesh,was talklkngi to an associate at work, he know s afew girls who go to AFRICA "to try and help" them and he just cant belive it. Apparently if youre blonde you ahve to dye your hair or else you get raped!

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I'll tell you something that I know to be true: When many of these church women go to Africa, the blacks immediately walk right up and ask these women if they can have sex with them. Even the very young ones. They ask nothing else, they don't care about learning the white mans ways, they only want to have sex with the white women.

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Just build a wall around the city, offer whites passage out then "accidentally" turn off utilities

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There's no accident, the heatwave busted the power units!

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Can't make them happy. First it's "Fuck the poleece! Get the poleece out of our neighborhoods and make them stop harrassing us!!"

So the cops leave them alone.

Then it's "Where the hell the damn poleece? How come they being racist and not patrolling our neighborhood and stopping criminals!"

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