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The internet seems to have no idea what the term "breaking" means.

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My brain ignores it like a sidebar ad when I'm reading titles here

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I honestly don't see how the FBI or DOJ can charge anyone with lying to them or committing perjury anymore.

Their defense lawyers can just cite the fact that they wet their pants and threw themselves at Hillary's feet when she and her minions lied to their faces.

It's going to be called the "But Hillary did it" defense.

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Trump said that Hillary has suffered enough. We should give her a break. I guess that counts for the rest of the swamp also.

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Ive faced perjury against a group in the company that terminated me after osha complaint. Moral of the story, calculated lying is okay, create a delusional false reality and force yourself to believe it, defend it aggressively. Pro tip is to make up a super detailed no witness story to support the fake narrative.

My attorney said perjury cases rarely win need money.

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Huma has an in with the deep state

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We aren't going to vote and shitpost our way out of this.

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This is why we should be able to sue government agencies that are not performing their jobs

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You mean she fucking lied? What a surprise !

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