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The teacher was excessively accommodating too. Decided to use last names for everyone to avoid having to use their fag names.

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And how are the beliefs of these liberals, which defy scientific understanding, not treated as religious in their own right? They are theological in nature. So essentially the school is picking one religion over another, and it's doing so not on the basis of any kind of value or merit-based system, but only on the basis of social pressure. The liberal religion is given priority, and the conservative religion is scoffed.

For all the liberals who pretended we were "nuts" for describing a slippery slope, we are seeing the effects this is having enter government institutions, tax-payer funded institutions and take their effects. This man didn't intentionally offend anyone. He used last names as a compromise to avoid having to sabotage his own belief system, and not cause any outright conflict with others'. He did the sensible thing, and something most people wouldn't have had the tolerance for.

And what? He is punished for that? Actively setting an example that the liberal ideology isn't something that can even be compromised with. It is totalitarian, comprehensive, and intolerant. People need to wake up, and fast.

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Yep, I believe Mao called it the long march, and they've been marching a long time now. Mao staged a cultural revolution too though, his western acolytes appear to have focussed primarily on an administrative revolution, that was folly as administrative gains are easily overturned if not accompanied by cultural advances of your philosophy.

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They are accepting mental illness over common sense

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Evil preaches tolerance....

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Give it 20 years and they'll start the church of the shitty dick so they can get religious benefits.

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I can't fucking believe this is in Indiana. California, obviously (maybe even a surprise that someone didn't subscribe to it). But holy shit, this has to stop. How did this fucking cancerous pseudoscience ever get into the mainstream? It's like the goddamn anti-vaxxers and the fucking anti-gluten craze, except this one is actually hurting people who aren't crazy.

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anti-vaxxers and the fucking anti-gluten craze

one of these things is not like the other

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Libtards advocate diversity of thought.... except when it hurts their feelings.

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he tried

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He didn't tried, he did it and got punished for it.

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The jews are pushing this shit hard. Hope they're ready for the pushback.

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To destroy a nation, just make the men weak and the women entitled

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Cultural Marxism in a nutshell.

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The problem is if the pushback is their own doing, its easier to manage this way.

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Yeah, they're always on both sides of any conflict for this very reason. Co-opting revolutions and the like is their goddamn specialty.

That's why I say we use DNA testing to identify and gas them all.

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No one ever gassed the Jews zyklon b was used exclusively for delousing.

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I just wish he had actually gassed 6...

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This guy is an idiot he gave them the easiest way out.. i was a teacher for 7 years he could have made their life hell by refusing to quit firing a teacher is verybhard and is a multi year process if the guy knew how to play the game.

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100 percent he should have stayed put and built his case. Idiot move. Id like to see them argue why he wasnt allowed to use their fucking NAME.

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That’s why he withdrew his resignation; he must have acquired legal council. Should have done so in the outset...oops!

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Ohhh that is good to hear glad he is doing the right thing.

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Indiana Republicans come out of this looking guilty as hell too. Representatives had a chance to pass a law that required parental consent to teach LGBT bullshit, and required parents be in the loop on what was being taught for sex ed. Instead, this happened:

Republican leadership told constituents they didn’t protect kids by passing the bill because there was no reason to. They said it was utterly ridiculous to think schools in red-state Indiana might use taxpayer dollars, facilities, employees, and other resources to indoctrinate kids with LGBT gender politics.

I wonder what the people of Indiana think about all of this. In California or New York this is very normal but not as much in a so-called red state.

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Mass mental illness. A reckoning is coming to this country.

No, I'm not talking about anything religious. You can only go so far playing make-believe in the real world where other countries play in reality before you get slapped the fuck out of your mental illness.

That's coming here in less than a decade, probably a lot less.

The Asians aren't playing this stupid game, and they are going to take over the world without firing a shot. We'll be left here with a bunch of girls with penises and incompetent affirmative action hires running things in the corporate world and government.

We'll be the fucking laughing stock slaves of the world because we won't be able to do anything anymore and we'll be completely dependent on the productive competent nations of the world for everything. To make things more interesting our currency will be close to worthless and we'll have to work to export to produce goods for export to other countries so we can get their currency and buy stuff from them. Like the third world countries have to do now to get dollars, we'll have to work to produce something other countries want to buy.

They will all laugh at us, scorn us as stupid losers, and basically make us their bitches. And there won't be a damned thing anybody can do about it.

We deserve everything we are going to get because we let this shit go on. And on. And on. And get worse and worse, without stopping it. And now it's too late.

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No, I'm not talking about anything religious. You can only go so far playing make-believe in the real world where other countries play in reality before you get slapped the fuck out of your mental illness.

You're the one playing make believe. Religion is the only thing that matters. Don't you ever wonder why TPTB are constantly pushing for watering down Christianity and propping up atheism?

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Even if someone doesn't believe in god, christianity is another belief system that brings people together to unify over shared beliefs. I believe it is the unity they are working against as opposed to the religion itself.

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how would a fall in the us dollar affect emerging market public corporations?

[–] cuello_rojo 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Like everything else, it depends. If they depend on the U.S. market to sell goods it would hurt them because their goods would be more expensive.

But if they have debts in dollars, it would help them because they would be able to pay back those debts using less of their currency to buy dollars.

They could also buy US assets on the cheap. It's not a simple analysis and one size does not fit all.

But US dollars are basically worthless in the long run. The US doesn't produce much of anything that other countries want to buy except agricultural products.

That's why we have $150 Billion trade deficits every month. We send them dollars to buy stuff. They keep the dollars because there's nothing here to buy. They buy our debt instead. It pays interest. So at least they get something. More worthless dollars.

They're all getting tired of that. It really just makes them slaves to the US because we control all the world financial transactions in dollars. All big purchases/sales in dollars have to go through the Federal Reserve bank in NY. That's how they put sanctions on countries. Countries save money in dollars. The US gets pissed at them and imposes sanctions. Then they can't spend their dollars because the NY Fed won't process transactions. There's ways around this but you see how it works. Other countries have figured out that hey,this dollar thing kind of sucks for us for a lot of reasons.

Listen to Peter Schiff if you are interested in this kind of thing. He explains a lot of it very well. But take his analysis and predictions with a grain of salt. Timing is everything and it could take years to play out

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so students get upset if they are called by the wrong pronoun ? even though science , biology and thousands of years of mankind upon this planet prove them wrong ?

what is stopping the students from being upset if they are described by the wrong adjective ? must they always be referred to as the smartest,funniest, fastest,tallest, cutest , maybe a princess or prince, a king or some kind of royalty, what if they want to be a cat ? or a famous historic figure ?

Just imagine if teachers describe their class work with the GRADE they dont want ?? that is just the teachers opinion ?

thy need to learn hw to live in reality ! something the SJW and th e progressive left will fight to its last dying breath bc the truth destroys the agenda.

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Some people just never want to grow up, accept that life is sometimes shitty and deal with it.

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This kind of stuff will help run the country into the ground a little faster.

It used to be that engineers and people with science degrees would sometimes decide to teach in the public schools after they made a little money. It was sort of fun and you got to feel like you were helping people.

No engineer in his right mind would go within 100 feet of a public indoctrination facility now, except maybe to withdraw his kid from it so that he could be home schooled.

We're heading downhill fast now. When the economy goes tits up and they can't play any more games with statistics to fool the dumbass public things should start getting very interesting.

It's very likely that a socialist will be elected president after the fallout from that really begins to hit. Then the fun will really begin.

It's almost like these people want to destroy any possible chance of this country ever digging itself out of the hole its in and avoiding disaster. If that's the goal then they're doing a very good job.

That might sound fanciful or insane. See Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge if it strikes you that way.

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Liberals: "earth is not flat, stupid fool. It's been proven otherwise"

Also liberals: "there are infinite genders despite biology and science"

Disclaimer: I don't believe in flat earth bullshit

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