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When I see a politician or law enforcement at that level pull out indictments and grow a fucking backbone, I'll celebrate. We all KNOW Comey put the fix in for Hillary. It's beyond facts now. It's a matter of principle. You either believe in the rule of law, and apply it to everyone, or you're a fucking coward and deserve to be hung like the traitor you are.

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Mueller's got a lot of sealed indictments.

I wonder who they're for?

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Nothing is going to happen. Learn to except that and stop reading fantasy.

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LOL your going with @Tallest_Skil aka "short'n'useless"

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Thanks for admitting that you will never fight back against any of this and that everything I said is proven true.

Go suck kike cock somewhere else, coward.

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I dont understand your reply.

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Nothing is going to happen.

Ohhh, SOMETHING is going to happen, and it won't be pleasant for the peasant.

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lol "Hillary suffered enough. She's good people" -DJT

Nothings gonna happen. DACA will happen. He's all for that! There aint no fucking wall. Coal miners aren't working because EPA is still the same. He cant stop sucking israels little dick. Occupied government of America. Incoming war with Iran GREATER ISRAEL AWAKENING!!

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this isn't news. it's LARP, not even good LARP at this point.

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obvious anti-trump retard, go away kike shill.

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Here's part of syrazies Zionist group. oy vey no one is allowed to call out trump on real issues or his constant flip-flopping oy vey Israel is our bestest friend and jews are gods chosen

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Oh, you’re the gatekeeper to say we can’t criticize Trump and the way his administration is using “Q”, an anonymous and unsourced poster speaking on behalf of the American government?

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Your going to hell lol really you going to hell.

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People who believe in Q believe he is a spook or group of spooks. Q has said disinformation is necessary. Direct Q posts are not news, especially if the title fails to mention Q because they may be disinformation.

Run QisLARPbot.exe. Run CowisShillbot.exe.

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Q is a jew.

"we're saving Israel for last" - Q bwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

and the fuckin sheep lap it up oh my god what dumbass larpers

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By next week people won't even remember there was an IG report.

All these constant predictions of "they're all finally going down!", "Prison time for Hillary, Obama, Deep State!"

None of It will happen. That may sound negative but its just simply how it will go.

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If they had something substantial on Hillary and wanted to indict her, it would have happened by now. Either it's a big fat nothingburger, or the Clintons are still too valuable to don't burn the bridge and keep trading bargain chips with.

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They have met one of those. They have a metric fuck ton on her

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It will be redacted to shit. I'm hoping we'll get a cull of some of these Q conspiracy people when they finally realize that they're being played and Trump isn't really going to "Drain the swamp" by sending people to jail. He'll probably make pretty landmark changes by getting a different breed of people into office, but I honestly don't think he can clean up a mess that large. Especially when he's right in the think of shit himself.

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Please call him by his masters name.. hussien obama He is a muzlim puppet he would prpbably like to change his name to muhammed hussian ali obama

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Obama is jewish and known as the first jewish president

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How's Tel-Aviv faggot

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Are you upset about June 14 being a big fucking Nothingburger?

Q's cock is firmly down your throat. Don't cry that you suddenly realize it doesn't taste as good as you hoped.

Don't worry, you're still amusing in a sad way.