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HEY! Same Reason I stopped doing business with BofA. I was Scared they were going to "Lose" more of my money after they "lost" $2000.

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Since when did Bank of America give one fuck about an employee ?

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They meant (((owners)))... actually j/k i don't know who owns BofA but i can guess right?

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of course they did………

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I'd take a wild guess they didn't talk to a single employee. Not sure how a commie Jew would, since they live in bubbles.

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SJWs always lie.

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She also commented that the decision—which was made by Bank of America’s CEO Bryan Moynihan and Finucane (BAC, -0.50%), who also heads the company’s environmental, social, and governance committee—was not political, but aimed at “lowering the temperature of fear” among employees.

So, I guess we know the CEO's been drinking.

TIL: Fear has a temperature, and if you talk about your decision-making IRT "making things safe", "reducing fear", and "for the sake of the children", you may then say it wasn't political.

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How many people working at the BofA are jews ?

Look at Robert banks nose.

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I bet those employees will wish they had a gun next bank robbery.

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ha nope! they will be safe because robbing a bank is illegal, check mate.

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Gun free zone, just like always……..

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It isn't like Bank of America had any regrets about contributing to the deliberate meltdown of 2008.

"In one category of securities sold by Bank of America in 2007, 98% of the underlying loans were made with reduced or no documentation of the borrowers' incomes.”

The people should have shot the banksers in 2009.

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Typical bank logic right there. No problem instilling fear and intimidating their own fucking customers. Lo and behold, when the kikes don't want goyim to have guns, they conveniently blame the employess for the decision. And then, as more restrictions come onto digital currency, and a cash run occurs, the jews will be in an awkward position of explaining how there is less physical money than total assets.

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So, no guns in the their bank locations?

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Their choice is a choice not to support the rights of the American people. Some might even call it anti-american. They lost the business of some people for life as a result.

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