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Please, you can arrest everyone in holywood for coke posession.

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Everyone else in Hollywood toes the line.

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Everyone else in Hollywood toes the line.

Back in my day, they snorted the line (with their nose).

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"Charging documents say cocaine was found in a wallet McGowan left on a plane last year.""

So she was either set up or left a wallet with cocaine behind and (((someone))) found it. Sounds like bullshit to me. How can you charge someone for cocaine possession when they did not posses cocaine?

[–] rndmvar 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

The most important part is that by admitting that the wallet was not found on her person, the chain of custody is immediately broken. They cannot claim that the cocaine was absolutely hers, because it was not seized directly from her. The wallet may have been (extremely likely) tampered with prior to discovery.

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You are right. They can't prove it was hers.

I still say she's a dope pheen.

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They absolute can claim it was hers its up to them to prove it.

'I totally didnt touch that i was set up by the man ' generally isnt an accepted defence without investigation.

And no. I dont belive it wasnt hers, she knew nothing about it, and that harvey weinstein magicked it into her... HER pers wallet whatever.

Shes been a coke addled spaz for 15 years.

Bitch has been taking lessons from Stevie Nicks. (Spend 40 years snorting coke, collapse nose, sack ex husband and accuse him of abuse for attention decades after you lose relevance decades later)

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I was going to say, she's the shittiest coke head in the world if she's just leaving her chach behind. Actually that's the first I've ever heard of somebody leaving blow anywhere other than a syringe or their nose. I don't like the woman but let's face it, if he wanted to discredit her (and believed her to have been the only one to come forward with allegations), this did a mighty fine job of it.

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It was her blow.

Shes relying on "HURDURRMUHWINESTAINS" for it to be dropped.

Fuck even 'Cocaine Cassie' put more imagination into her defence and she aint getting out of a colombian jail any time soon.

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How does she stay so thin then?

SOURCE: Have been Hollywood size, was on meth during that period.

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Not everyone is a degenerate meth head like you. Some of us eat right and go to the gym on a regular basis. If it makes you feel better though I could bench press you. Oh wait... that makes me feel better.

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Drugs should be legal.

Let people kill themselves.

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It is well known that cocaine is blowjob fuel and I dont know how people expect her to suck her way around the world with no fuel.

For fucks sake let the poor woman suck some dick.

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I think she's had enough. Someone had to go down there and slap the dick out of her mouth.

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It is rude of them to do it mid flight sucky sucky.

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Oooh, more celebrity news. I can't get enough of this, I do genuinely care about celebrities.


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This is news with swamp-politics implications.

[–] i_scream_trucks 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

How does a piece of shit addict with a big criminal mouth being done for drugs have political implications.

Obviously her imagination is rubbing off on people...

Shes fucking insane.

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mossad planted it. inno

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Blame the White Man. Again.

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She used to date Marilyn Manson. Her "acting" roles are usually hell bound characters (whores, witches, murderers, etc) usually with the EXACT same delusional liberal bitch personality (ie not acting). Now she wants to play virtuous victim in real life??? I imagine she HAPPILY fucked her way to those roles when necessary. Her and that "Stormy" clown...sheesh. Fucking stinking whores trying to make bank off THEIR victims. If you ask me, those types of professional victim parasitic cunts should summarily be told where to stick it. WHO CARES if you get "raped", YOU'RE A FUCKING WHORE! NO decent man would TOUCH with you PERIOD. You get what you DESERVE. NO decent woman would BE in that position. WAIT until you get to hell, I bet you'll have PLENTY of regrets then.

[–] Neinlife 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

i was with you til the hell shit. oblivion awaits everyone, and that IS heaven, a perfect rest, an exit from chaos into order, to us all it will feel exactly like it did before we were born.

self awareness is the original sin, dont you get it? the garden of eden was a metaphor for before we had self awareness and everything in nature was the circle of life with no sjw shit, as brutal and beautiful as it can be. humans became self aware and that is why we are crazy fucking assholes 99 percent of the time.

[–] thebearfromstartrack 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Like you know. Sheesh that's even MORE stupid than claiming God is a close personal friend of yours! I have faith. You know why? Because I want to SEGREGATE myself from all of the EVIL (predators, parasites, professional victims, et al) I share this world (mortal life) with. I want there to be a REFINEMENT, an IMPROVEMENT if I am going to have to exist as me FOREVER, otherwise I have NO interest in existing at all. Besides if Christianity is a gigantic fraud perpetrated by the Jews, then Hitler was RIGHT and they SHOULD have been exterminated for THAT ALONE! Hijacking a person's opportunity to find truth in his/her life, HAS to be an unforgivable sin (Bible says such folks exist and WILL pay dearly for that).

Anyway, something as unlike most EVERYTHING ELSE in the universe (rocks and fire)...us, has to have a shepherd IMO. Sure maybe we're a science project/experiment or even a crop of decorative skull jewelry when harvested. NOBODY knows exactly. That is what faith is for. Life is a logical time to choose whether you're a worthy, productive creative team player, or a selfish destructive parasite, predator or professional victim. You choose. you lose.

The Bible isn't perfect, even the KJV translaters told us that in the forward. It even has intentional fraud. They did the BEST they could. Communication wasn't the greatest back then, but if you strip away all the allegory and the hyperboly, the message is a SOLID foundation for what being GOOD means (IMO) versus what being EVIL means. Good enough for MY ancestors, good enough for me.

Dunno WHY the niggers got involved. Pearls before swine IMO...Jumping around and singing about getting riches has NOTHING to do with the message.

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