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We won't be calling them the English for long. Another free country subverted. Sad.

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I suppose we get to watch a first world country fall into ash from its own dumb mistakes.

Maybe this is how Rome really fell?

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Maybe this is how Rome really fell?

Yes, I'm sure they had Jews too.

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The "invaders" who helped cause the fall of the Western Roman Empire were Germanic tribes which were pushed into Roman territory by the Mongols. It's actual history. Check it out.

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A lot of Muslim families would produce 10-12 kids to get council housing, education and other benefits. They don't even work, they're just living there for free and they're unabashedly unashamed about it. I'm all for supporting the needy but it becomes a real issue when these people don't want to work hard for a day in their life and just want everything for free. Ten years ago, things were different. Today the streets of London are filled with faces of the so-called asylum seekers. USE CONDOMS. WORK TO EARN MONEY. How difficult is it?

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Muslims don't believe in birth control because 1) their religion says to produce an army and 2) because they don't have the IQ to have foresight.

Also - why would you work to earn money when your gracious host state just gives it to you.

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The current social safety net in UK and EU needs to be changed. Whites have a moral code and a work ethic. When a White man lives on the dole for too long he will feel badly about pushing the burden onto everyone else. The Jew, Niggers, and the fucking arrogant cunt Muslims have absolutely none of the admirable traits which Whites have in abundance. They take as long as you are (in their twisted world view) so stupid as to allow them to take.

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I dont think you understand.. allah will provide and he has been.

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I'm all for supporting the needy

That's why we're fucked in the first place. All welfare does is create lazy people.

Look at Asia. Barely any welfare, just subsidies. Everybody is forced to work to survive.

Lower class people in the west are extremely lazy (much lazier than poor people outside the western nations) because of libtard ideology.

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is there a source to this list

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Seconded, if you share an image like this it needs sources for those liberal sheep who dismiss everything remotely negative about Islam

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liberal sheep do not consult facts/sources/voat

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Well you're on the internet with browsers... Knock yourself out...

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Let's not omit how much of the grooming and raping they achieve with only 6% of the population.

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Oh jeez, they're just "Asians".

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Must be those Japanese and Koreans, everyone knows Pakis are model citizens.

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That makes my blood boil.

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Let's do the same chart with the US and Jews. We have got no room to point fingers. We have been conquered

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Don’t worry.

As long as native Britons work hard and paying taxes and abide to laws, British will still be able to provide free stuff out to Muslim.

You all sound like it is not sustainable and will collapse soon.

Nah. Everything FINE.

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I want to believe you're serious because I love doddering idiots

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Ok England....you might wanna start thinking about doing something....I don't know..something like revolting against all this shit.....yeah we can call it a Revolution...wait a minute ....

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Spineless, craven behavior on the part of the English.

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Came here to say this. Never forget the name - Barbara Lerner Spectre. She and her kin did this.

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That's good you're angry. Maybe you'll spread the word and take to the streets now?

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