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This is why a lot of younger people in my age group (20s) hated the republican party. The republican party got taken over by neocon shit bags who are obsessed with war. Fuck them all. We finally get a decent guy in Trump and they're all gunning him down

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The sooner you realize they work for each other and not against, the quicker you realize they are both bastards.

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That's what I tell people these days. My beliefs lean conservative but most politicians on both sides and the media they're in bed with are pieces of lying shit.

[–] Ocelot 17 points 1 points (+18|-17) ago 

Trump isn't our friend, I'm sorry to say. At least we avoided Clinton's immediate war with Russia so far, but that might not last much longer.

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Other than sign the omnibus, what has he done wrong? What do you think he should have done that he hasn't?

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Assuming you voted Trump. Did you believe you'd agree with every Trump decision when he was in office?

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If we go to war with Syria, I suggest we start taking advantage of our first and second amendment rights and march on every MSM headquarters.

[–] CheeseboogersGhost 3 points 9 points (+12|-3) ago 

March?? I hope all the crazy patriots with snipers come out to play

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At some point, Americans are going to have to make a decision: either bow down to the pussy hat tyrants, or knuckle up and let these fucking cockroaches know what time it is.

[–] altident 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Dude. Whoever wrote that has some serious problems accepting responsibility for anything in their life.

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Reported use. So why aren't we prosecuting Hillary for her provable crimes?

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Heres what probably happened, the majority of Americans vote NO...either someone on the inside has code for the site and Rigs the results or another possibility they ring up their scam email friends in call centers in Israel, China, Bangladesh, India and fucking vote ringed https://i.imgur.com/9bMcvIJ.png ? https://i.imgur.com/U2RXi5Gl.jpg ? https://i.imgur.com/9y1vgE8.gifv

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According to Trump she's suffered enough and is a good person. That's what he said

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Damn, 100,000 votes "Yes" all in a row? Seems legit.

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and 100 000 votes in 3 hrs?

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From 3am to 5am no less

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To the exact opposite percentages? Yea, that seems spot on.

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(((They))) want war and they will stop at nothing. Luckily this poll doesn't really mean much as it's not a referendum.

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I did the math on it.

In 2 hours, between 3am and 5am, there were 116,857 votes cast.

Highly suspect for a poll whose votes were only half that, and the poll had been up for the whole prior evening.

Also, the polling was 1 in 3 saying "Yes, attack Syria", but magically flips to 7 out of 8 saying "Yes, attack Syria" over that same 2 hour period?


We're going to revolt against you, your alphabet organizations are going to be dismantled, and we will sing songs on the graves of your families.

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It's shady af but I do wonder where the data was taken, as in which time zone. Could have been PDT, in which case the massive influx would be from the east cost waking up. Lots of democrats and MSM consumers there.

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Same polls that predicted HRC landslide victory over trump.

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The lawyer in me is asking why the date format is different between the two images, if they come from the same poll.

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Screenshots from two different twitter users with two different settings for date format.

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The lawyer in you should be asking why the check mark is still in the NO column in the second image.

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So a bunch of bots voted in a twitter poll. I don't see why these should be bothered with.

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You do realize this poll was sponsored by Fox News right? It's what the establishment wants, and they are not benign like milquetoast.

Remember that Republicans hold the presidency and still have majorities in both the House and Senate.

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