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Next on the agenda will be mass immigration to enhance Iceland's vibrancy and enrichment.

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Next on the agenda will be mass immigration to enhance Iceland's vibrancy and enrichment.

this will happen,you can bank on it

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They imprison bankers in Iceland, I'd rather not.

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it already is. I overnighted in iceland on a flight and saw two sheboons in a 'diversity' office in downtown reykjavik.

Really great grafitti in iceland though. I evaluate places on their grafitti. Iceland is #1.

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I figure it'd be putting a huge jew candle on their white house tundra after banning all traces of anything christmas.

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Sadly, yes.

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Iceland: A Nation of Bastards


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Fuck that jeebus shit.

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Dear Rabbis,

Stop ritually mutilating infant's genitals.


The entire civilized world

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Just goes to show that allowing even one is too many

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holy shit.

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Just starting to get it?

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Iceland you still have time... DEPORT

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Shh that's later ;)

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It sickens me every time I think that these parasites are trying to chop off baby dicks.

Why do we have to pretend that this is ok?

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We don't.

It's a disgusting Jewish practice, and that's coming from somebody often defending Jews on this forum. Mutilating infants is indefensible.

It's weird Jews do it, but it's weirder still that most American men appear to have undergone the same treatment. That's awkward.

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The brainwashing is deep.. Doctors should have their liscense removed for doing this shit.. It should be outlawed the same way female genitle mutilation is.

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What's weird is that some rabbis bite the foreskin off with their teeth then suck the blood from the babys penis. That shit is fucking weird

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Dr. Kellog was a retarded faggot?. In all seriousness Christians in north america push this crap just as hard, I wasn't snipped when i was born due to health issues so luckily I wasn't mutilated, but most men are in NA.

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I was snipped, and there's nothing I can do about it, so I never felt the need to go all "woe is me." But I can make damn sure I don't allow it to happen to my own kids (whenever I end up having them).

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I think the best part is the typo.

... who had been forced by thread of expulsion to convert to Catholicism...

Regarding this part:

Later on in European history circumcision was often made difficult in an attempt to force Jews to assimilate or to leave.

Yes please. Do that.

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Could we do that in the US, i know the constitution protects "freedom of religion" but the damn infant isn't getting a damn say as to what happens to his willy.

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Good for Iceland for outlawing that shit. Only savages participate in male and female genital mutilation.

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