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Dealing arms in downtown Las Vegas and the FBI, Sheriffs Dept., and ((( The Media ))) is involved in the full blown cover-up.


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Possible Fast & Furious gone wrong? Or gone right? What if that was the plan all along, get Paddock to bring weapons, kill him (patsy), shoot crowd (or the Arabian Prince theory)? This Las Vegas is our generation's 9/11.

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our generation's 9/11

how fucking young are you

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Hillary was in on this too.

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shills are pissed

[–] GenghisSean 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

Yea, it's been a little while since they were this riled up.

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Can confirm. Very pissed indeed

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Yeah, dealing arms for rogue elements of the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Mossad. (((Cohencidence))) that Paddocks brother was arrested for child porn?

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Didn't they also love racing?

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That he was an arms dealer was a common idea on /pol/ from the start, but the corpse we saw wasn't him and died of a chest wound. This document is probably limited hangout.

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My fist thought! It's as though we are being handed this juicy, detailed, unredacted, document on a silver platter.

How often do we get something like this? Where are the national security concerns? It sems too good to be true...

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The corpse was him.

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Look at the ears. Throat. Nose. Look at how bad the official picture was. How few pictures were used by msm. His email address was powerpuffgirls related. His plane had a very mysterious history. His income source - video poker - is literally impossible. Owned lots of houses. Co-owner of paradise ranch. Father was a pedo king pin and even nytimes published a pic of him with an owl necklace. Paddock (fake name) was a spook, plain and simple.

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Yeah definitely reads like a limited hangout I don't understand why he would have a hundred pounds of explosives in his vehicle makes no sense.

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I'd guess the buyers offed him and went to town shooting up multiple sites in Vegas that night. I also personally think Saudi Arabians were involved, financed by Prince Al Waleed, and that this kicked off the coup in Saudi Arabia. I think the US covertly helped the Saudi government reorganization.

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"I think the US covertly helped the Saudi government reorganization.

Doesn't seem to have been all that covert, lol.

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You really think we'd do that? Just muck about in some oily desert shithole's internal politics?

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On page 4, #7, it talks about two rooms, 134 and 135 and how "these rooms are an elevated position" and so on; but then on the next page #8, it says PD ultimately made entry into "the room." It says both rooms were registered to Paddock and that agents found "hundreds of spent shell casings in the Mandalay Bay rooms, in close proximity to Paddock's body." What room did PD ultimately enter? What room was Paddock's body in as he can't possibly be in both rooms? And who was shooting from the other room? Are they suggesting he went back and forth between the rooms or did Marilou Danley get away?

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"Who was in the other room" is the new "who was on the grassy knoll".

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Probably a room he booked for himself to sleep/stay in while the suite was his "showroom" of sorts.

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Yes but Laura Loomer has the receipts. Whoever was in there, was eating Potato Soup.

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PD also concluded that the shots were from a full auto rifle.... Negating all the bs about bump stocks

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adjoining rooms?

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Not uncommon in hotel suites. Two rooms that share a door/doors which must be unlocked from both sides before you can go between the rooms.

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what is going on?

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Where does it say this? What page?

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Nice work!

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The shills are hitting you hard. You must have struck a nerve. Great find!

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Why would two arms dealers e-mail little blurbs about their products and specials to each other? Do carpet stores e-mail other carpet stores, "Hey man check out this Stainmaster nylon 6.6, great quality." "Sure man but for the best insulation we have 4000-pile 6 tuft twist in stock, come take a look."

To me it looks more like Paddock is speaking in code to a second party. Maybe his CIA handler.

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Vegas gunman’s girlfriend told investigators her fingerprints would probably be on ammo. And they were

Dual Citizen of OZ and Phil?

@tanukihat @0xFEEDFACE @GheghisSean

Why did someone turn on up on GodLikeProductions this week claiming to have not spoken two words to Bruce Paddock and also having knowledge about Aaron Rich's girlfriends farm? Is it confirmed Paddock owned Paradise Ranch or was he down as an employee?

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It's been pretty obvious almost from the start that Paddock was not just some random real estate dealer who liked to gamble. It's obvious that he was somehow using Las Vegas to receive cash payments for services rendered. But exactly what those services may have been is still unclear. It's a safe bet that they were not legal.

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