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Lol, Snopes updated their page saying that the police weren't given a stand down order, but they kept it false! They just quoted the chief saying "let them fight, it'll make it easier to declare it an unlawful assembly" but said that this isn't a "stand down" order. Because no one said the words "stand down." Instead the chief instructed his cops to "let them fight."

Snopes is exactly what you'd expect the deranged minds of two burnt-out Californian hippies to produce.


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That's the same horseshit which was pulled for Benghazi. You can't give a stand down order to countermand a previous order if the previous go order was never provided. So in laymens terms it's completely uncontested Hillary gave a no-go order. But they claim that doesn't count since it wasn't a stand down order even though a stand down can't be provided unless a go order had previously been issued.

Burn the fucking witch.