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Is there a reason you continue to use hooktube? Real question, not sarcasm.

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does it do anything to promote youtube?--real question.

I know they must be related on some level: but I really hate youtube and all of its googleship. If nothing more, it doesn't ask people to log in to watch a video. (bitchute seems more legit, but they are slow for one, and second do not have the content: posting videos on voat tends to upload them to bitchute)

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Hooktube was hit by youtube legal. I will post the qoute from hooktube below. invidio.us has functionally replaced them and is why you see the derram bot post links to that and not hooktube anymore. It functions the exact same way for your posting in that you just replace /watch?v=.... in front of the url.

This was 11 moths ago, so any hooktube link you have posted since, has functionally been a youtube link, sorry.

rest in pieces

It was a good run, 1,5 years. Started as just a quickly made addition to the norbot project, and within long the site averaged 30k uniques a day, 60k on a really good day. Of course YouTube Legal became an inevitability at that point.

Special thanks to the many people who created plugins and extensions for hooktube, /g/, the five people who donated anonymously, and BitChute for working hard on a real YouTube alternative. See you in the next project.

July 16: YouTube api is back but mp4 <video> is replaced with the standard YT video embed. HookTube is now effectively just a light-weight version of youtube and useless to the 90% of you primarily concerned with denying Google data and seeing videos blocked by your governments.

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Love this band and song

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This song is about choking out your girlfriend until she turns "blue". Just thought you might wanna know.