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Ha! I've done this before! It's impossible to find music promoting white pride. The SPLC has a killer list. Thanks SPLC!!

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Skrewdriver is wonderful. I get teared up listening to it

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Wait... Can you listen to it on their site? Lol

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Once again, I thought this piece was going to turn out to be from the Babylon Bee or the Onion. Sadly, I was wrong and this insane shit is actually “real.” FFS----another scathing indictment of the insidious hyper-PC manipulation techniques of the anti-free speech, anti-American left.

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I'm going to assume there is no rap on the jews list.

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Have you hear of Mr. Bond?

He makes red pilled parodies of Rap and other music genres. He has 5 mixtapes out so far.

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Also a good way to find youtubers ;)

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Xurious, Joseph Retrostein, and Byron De La Vandal are top shelf.

Xurious - Fight For Western Civilization.

Byron De La Vandal - Anything on Songs From Weimerica is great. Stiff Upper Lip and You know I'm right

Retrostein - 1939

[–] BoogieLou ago 

Eternal Reich:Audio Insurgency on Radio Aryan has a good selection too.

[–] expose [S] ago 

thanks bud what songs they make that you like?

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Xurious - Fight For Western Civilization.

Byron De La Vandal - Anything on Songs From Weimerica is great. Stiff Upper Lip and You know I'm right

Retrostein - 1939

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“Liftwaffe” by Xurious is also a decent track

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Archive link? I ain't going to that site.

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>right click OP link (hold click on tablet)

>"copy link location"

>paste into archival service of choice



[–] MaxVonOppenheim ago 

[–] ggolemg ago 

Thank you.

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They also have a hate map so you can find local groups to join.


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I was actually happily surprised to see something around 50% of this map occupied by...

  • Nation of Islam
  • Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge
  • Lions of Israel
  • New Black Panther Party
  • Black Millstone (Black Nationalists)
  • Northern Kingdom Prophets (Black Nationalists)

In fact, this map openly states that the number of black nationalist groups (264) almost doubles the number of white nationalist groups (148).

Am I having a stroke, or does this seem at least half-way towards honest for once?

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Must have been a new intern who wasnt informed about the anti white manipulations yet.

[–] BO2 ago 

I've thought about it but the only dedicated groups near me in my state are 2 black nationalists; Israel United in Christ and Nation of Islam. That means my only option is a statewide group who may or may not have a dedicated group in my area. If anyone has a suggestion how I could find a local group, let me know.

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If you have problems finding early skrewdriver material google a fella called Mark Radcliff, he's one of the BBC's most beloved radio DJ's. He was one of screwdrivers original drummers, a fact himself and his beloved liberal BBC likes to keep quiet.

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If you are on PC, check out SoulSeek. It's a peer to peer music sharing program. You can find a lot of white pride music there.

Also, check out http://88nsm.com.

[–] ideteststicks ago 

Thanks for the link but I'm more into classic thrash metal and being honest these white power bands are just 3 chord noise to my ears and I don't do P2P either. Everything i own is bought and paid for legitimately. I'm proud to be a white Christian from a white Christian country, I do not endorse in any way cultural and ethnic dilution (mud sharks) or immigration from 3rd world countries. If I like it I'll pay for it., if I don't like it I'll delete it

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