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LOL Of all the Dead songs, this one be my least favorite. It is also, unfortunately, one of the few that gets regular airplay. I dislike it more than I dislike China Doll. I can, on occasion, enjoy China Doll, but I usually just want them to shorten it by like 100%. I dislike Casey Jones more than that.

And now you know!

Y'all enjoy what you enjoy, I just figured I'd share. There are Dead songs I like much more. They pretty much get no airplay.

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On a related note, mine is "Truckin". Edit: Typo

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Dammit, Buddha, I fully agree with everything you said. Never liked either of those dead songs. So much great music in their catalog. (Minus just about anything live with Donna’s shrieking).
Still haven’t picked my mandolin back up yet but at least I pause and sigh when I walk past the case. Soon.

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I finished up today's playing with Uncle John's Band and ran it into Friend of the Devil. That was like an extra twenty minutes, but I wanted to jam a bit for myself.

Sadly, most of my playing is for other people. Even when I'm practicing, that's for the audience. When I rehearse, that's also for the audience. I'm practicing skills that I'll use when I rehearse and I rehearse because people pay the band money.

I hardly ever get to play for me. It kinda sucks.

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Anyone here ever looked into the Dead and other band's connection with intelligence agencies? I always found it funny that the lyrics to US Blues say "I'm Uncle Sam, that's who I am, been hiding out in a rock and roll band" Haven't really come to any conclusions but there's a lot of weight to it.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=_x2m6i4KFqg :

The Grateful Dead - Casey Jones (Studio Version) - YouTube

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