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While this is not a comprehensive list by any means, there are currently 8,153 artists on Spotify with Christian genre tags in their artist profile data. I haven't scanned their track data as of yet. This list will change as artists are added or removed. (Mirror)

For more specific genre lists, look here:


For just artists who have published releases in 2019, an abbreviated master list of 2,582 artists is here. (Mirror)

The specific genre lists for 2019 are here:


Note: Choral is not included in the master lists, as they are only sometimes Christian releases.

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this is good to keep track of. very high chance that will get very short very quickly

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Indeed. Spotify has hired the Southern Poverty Law Center to tell them which songs and artists are offensive. You can bet no niggers or rap music will ever be on that "offensive" list.

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What is your major malfunction?

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Evanescence used to be a Christian band but when they decided to go in a more commercial rock direction Christians shunned them.

Not very Christ like.

It's almost like you're all a bunch of hypocrites or something.

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We all are, you and me included. God isn't, though. That's why we need God.