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Best faggot on the planet. Story time: He bummed a smoke off me in front of the Troubadour in LA some years ago. We got to chatting. I asked if was gonna attended the show (Mercury Rev), and he says 'nah mate, I haven't got a ticket.' I had to remind him: 'dude, you fucking Morrissey, walk in'. He pretends he forgot he was massively famous and proceeded to walk in, saw him in there later. I know this sounds like bullshit, but I swear he's that cool.

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*bummed a fag

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My bad. I missed a very real opportunity there. I'll go to the corner now.

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And his voice sounds better than it did 30 years ago.


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Practice makes perfect.

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Mowser, my favourite veggie-gay. Once spoke about running against Sadiq Khan and how England isn't England anymore. 'Where is our boy, he's at the National, oh the National Front Disco"

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Damn Morrissey sure has come a long way from this shit in the 90s.. What a based faggot.

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"There's always someone, somewhere With a big nose, who knows And who trips you up and laughs When you fall Who'll trip you up and laugh When you fall"

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I love his music. I don't always agree with him but he is true to what he says. Glad he's fighting the good fight. Burka haters of the world, unite and take over.

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I don't agree with his militant anti-meat stance, but he talks a lot of sense.

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Only reason sodimites are anti-islam is because they know they'll die under Islam. Don't fall for them.

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