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i want transcript

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Here is a summation;

The early producers of porn were Jewish and they also built up the film production industry to have a stronger hold on it. The pioneer of pornogrophy in the west was a jewish man who charged a tax to people who wished to have his goods in their stores. He died in prison for tax evasion.

Secondly the male performers in early films were almost exclusively Jewish while the female performers were Roman Catholic. When asked why he wanted to do pornography Ron Jeremy said "because I get to fuck Roman Catholic chicks!".

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The lawyer in me feels that this summary is inaccurate by "material omission"... This guy says that Jews "started the porn industry" (whatever that means… Prostitution has been around as long as lawyers! Lol) because they were unable to find jobs in regular industry due to anti-Semitism. So they ended up in the seedier industries out of necessity. The rest is a fairly accurate summary of what this guy says. But I'm not sure if this guy is a historian or what expertise he has in the history of porn. Porn has been around forever, in all cultures, Jewish presence or not.

[edit] the porn industry in Japan for example. I don't know if you'll see much Jewish presence or influence there

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Pretty much it was just "the early producers of porn were jewish."

So if you enjoy porn, thank the jewish.

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Porn is enjoyable until you realize it isn't. Like a moth to the flame.

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Pornography can be a social subversion weapon.

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See Japanese and Russian porn industry.

That doesn't mean Japanese and Russians are retards who import terrorists into their own country.

Pornography is not the reason why some "politician" wanted to genocide their own people. The need of virtue signaling and globalist banker bribes IS the reason. It's corruption and evil intention, it's just that simple.

In fact, porn where there is objectification of women is actually non-progressive and libtards hate that shit!

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If the actor/actress are of similar age, they will call it 'brother/sister porn'. If there is an age gap, they will call it stepfather/stepdaughter porn. If it is an older lady with a younger man... If the people are different races it is 'interracial'. If it is a man and woman, they will try to say it (the woman) is a man imagining he is a woman... There is no more vanilla porn. They have weaponized all of it. And lets not mention all the promotion of LGBT porn...

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They were kicked out of Germany with the rise of Hitler. They came to America and settled near Hollywood. The US porn industry literally exists because they fled from Germany. They fled from Germany because Germans believe they were degenerates and were destroying society. These same Jews were known to promote prostitution with an "anything goes" creed. Children commonly prostituted themselves. If you wanted an orgy with children, boys or girls, you simply ordered it from the German Jews.

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Weimar Germany was the height of degeneracy. They promoted a lot of things that are being promoted again today, such as, for e.g. cross-dressing, same-sex sexual relations/aka sodomy, etc.

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i have heard that they did the same in hungary. Tried to encourage degeneracy, tame down reproductive output, etc. No evidence on me at present, just vague recollection.

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Exactly. The parallels between the US today and what was going on in pre-WWII Germany are many and very disturbing. History repeats.

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Guys just download this vid, before Youtube removes it for "hurt feefees" and to protect their friends.

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Kinda tame, to be honest. Less content here than in a few academic articles that I have seen.

Overreaction by twitter, etc. Jews dominate porn, period.

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On the subject of jew degeneracy being pushed onto and subsequently adopted by Whites: I just had a conversation with a family member who works as a nurse at a hospital (mostly in maternal ward) about the barbaric practice of circumcision. I explained to her why I believed it is simply savagery born of superstition, and even a sign of SUBMISSION of gentiles to the jew. If they can talk us into mutilating our sons for generation after generation, to the point where it is seen as unusual to NOT be disfigured... just imagine the other long-term manipulations which are in play that even the most "woke" of us can't see.

Jews infiltrated any industry that is naturally lucrative- pornography is probably the most naturally lucrative, low risk business mankind has ever seen... but besides making enormous amounts of money, it can also serve other purposes in their plan to wreck our culture. And it seems the scales began to really tip in the favor of the jew right around the time they convinced us by the MILLIONS to mutilate our sons' genitals.

They fuck our penises up shortly after birth with their sick "tradition", and then bombard us with their porn. It seems the jew is very adept at using the sexuality of gentiles to destroy and manipulate us. This may be why muslims are so "puritanical" (at least, in theory); because they've lived alongside the jew for thousands of years, and the jews spent all that time trying to turn all the women into whores and convince men to abandon their virtue.

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Any proof of the title's claim? I mean like who is being kicked/banned? Lol, try to get James woods to post it.

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Paul Nehlen

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Doesn't explain why Japanese porn is so degenerate.

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Japanese porn likes to degrade women.

Japan is a living proof that patriarchy is the best form of societal hierarchy.

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true Japan is a special kind of weird...maybe 2 atomic bombs damaged them both sexually and psychologically

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yet despite that, they are preserving their culture and resisting mass immigration

if we could get the swedes, english (etc) to reject mass immigration (and dress schoolgirls up in cute outfits) by dropping a nuke or two, I say go for it. particularly the nuke hits malmo, manchester, etc.

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Slopes are degenerates. Sub human.

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