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Where's the lie? Rockwell spoke truth.

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He was a great man. Wish he was here with us today.

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Exactly this. What we have now is an overabundance of entertainers, those that write articles and do podcasts. What we lack is real leaders such as Rockwell.

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All of this is actually true. While it may sound harsh to some people, the constitutions in the latin american countries are similar, the resources there are plentiful, the climate has a wide range and the continent is bigger.

And with all that they can only really create low-budget "replicas" of civilization. But not western civilization itself. There is no real white man that can be blamed here either. South America was barely colonized.
I think there are barely any excuses that leftists can make for South America.

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I think the critical difference between races is lack of sufficient slaughter. Whites have been through plenty of genocides as they've studiously written down. Between warring european states, the black death, and the remorseless winters, whites as a people have had to struggle and suffer more than any other race just to exist. It is this suffering, this mass death, by the hands of fellow man and at the whim of nature, that has forged whites into what they are. Niggers have never need to struggle for a fucking thing in their entire existence. In africa plentiful food is found on the trees, supplemented recently with nigh unending foreign aid. The niggers outside of africa are all on welfare, receiving money for simply being niggers. The spics are not much different. The asians are ever so slightly more industrious than the other nonwhites because despite their winters not being as harsh, they oft had great love of killing each other, as exemplified by the roving mongol hordes and the late great Sun Tsu.

The greatness of man is equivalent to how much blood he has shed. His own, or his brothers.

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Replace "whites" with "Jews" in this and behold our modern existential lie.

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Most of South America is in the tropics, we all know that tropical countries will never be as successful as their counterparts in the northern latitudes. I think the biggest reason has to do with the fact that people in the tropics never had to learn to plan for the future as a culture since there are no winters and you can grow crops year round.

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Singapore is in the tropics

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wow this one exceptional tiny island populated by 86% foreigners disproves everything!!111

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You're right, there are always exceptions to the rule though

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Argentina at one point had 70% white population, in some parts, 100%. Buenos Aires was the Paris of South America. Sometimes, you wonder into a town of settlers, that seem to not have realized, that this is indio land now.

Goes to show what muttening, and being raped by the yanks does to you.

Thanks operación cóndor.

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Yup. And compound that with all the cultural Marxism we are receiving now and Argentina is on the verge of collapse, not to mention the huge economical shitstorm we are about to get into.

By the way, Argentina has one of the highest proportions of Jews in the world. Cohencedence?

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@BLOODandHONOUR this might help persuading men that talk about finding a cute chink wife.

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So simple to understand, but only when you are not brainwashed. Thanks for sharing, btw.

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If this is a new passage to you or you haven't read 'This Time the World' and 'White Power' by George Lincoln Rockwell then do yourself a favor and find copies of them and read them before the kikes ban them.

They're great books and Rockwell's perspective is invaluable considering his place in history. He fought in WWII.

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I'm most of the way through White Power and it's a fantastic read.

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Thought you would like it

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