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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is pushed on conservative talk radio for treating depression that medication isn't helping.

When you just can't ignore clown world anymore, try shutting off regions of your frontal lobes, goy.

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i saw a commercial for some brain destroying ray to treat depression on tv today.


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my fucking lord. clown world.... Do we need to start making t-shirts - "Save the boomers"?

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21st century lobotomy

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2085: oh sorry, dont mind timmies behaviour. he wore a mag-helmet for too many years, brain is super fried

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More like 2050: oh sorry don't mind Timmy's behavior. He didn't wear a mag helmet like his peers, so now he's a defiant, rebellious thinker.

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Believing in God and hating niggers is the natural way. lol.

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You literally have to shut off portions of your brain to not hate niggers.

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This is obvious to anybody who explores libshits' brains. They have a severely reduced capacity to assess danger and you can tell there's this fog about them since universal tolerance requires you to suppress several natural functions of the mind. It's one thing that makes speaking to the bluepilled so maddening: they literally cannot comprehend many of the things you will argue to them because their brains refuse to internalize the ideas. Intelligent far right individuals can typically internalize liberals' ideas, examine them, and then give a critical response. For most leftists, this doesn't occur as it would immediately wreak havoc on their thought-suppression mechanisms. So they give you the fluoride stare and you reaffirm that you'll have to take the country back without them and force them to accept the new world.

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This is why I will not feel bad for them as they are rounded up and put in ovens.

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as they are rounded up and put in ovens.

Ridiculously expensive. Just shoot/hang.

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Think of the carbon footprint... from the jackboot.

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Can't wait for 5G allows us to enjoy mind control from the comfort of our own homes

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Dethrone god by destroying the part of the brain that handles your god stuff

Suddenly discover leftist ideas aren't that bad after all

Marry a half-Chinese half-jew

Baby has TASACS



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/v/conspiracy is missing another retard again.

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Are you guys even MDE fans or are you just fags?

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Hurry and go back there then retard.

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Happy happy joy joy....

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Happy goy

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I have gone to the point where this shit doesn't surprise me anymore

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I'm to the point where the only time anything surprises me now is if a jew Isn't behind it or involved in some way.

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Yeah exactly, and then you dig deeper and realize that after all there is a jew behind it

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but why won't you wear our happy hat? you don't WANT to be angry all the time do you? that would be antisocial of you. C'mon. just put our happy hat on, and you won't ever worry about that again.

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