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In Italy one vineyard plays classical music and swears the grapes are healthier and better tasting. My friend swears her house plants do better when she practices the piano for them. There are scientific studies demonstrating how damaged cells can heal themselves when exposed to 528 Hz. Studying while listening to Mozart enhances the memory. Why not cheese?

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And it's not really the "cheese", it's the bacteria/mold. Cheese is the result.

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Plants very much like Beethoven.

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Sound is resonance. Resonance is key.

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"Hip hop makes it smellier"


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Op dodntoirmm fuck

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Myth busters proved this to be true with plants. If all atoms and matter is just energy and light then it would make sense the whole world would be effected by the sounds you play into it. That's why Satans power over soundwaves, music and beauty is kind of terrifying and why it's so important to be careful what you listen to

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Only good vibes.