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you're right this is unacceptable, I should be able to post bananas in /v/games because otherwise it's censorship and whatnot. and if anyone says otherwise I'll call you all names and complain.

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If you post a banana in /v/games then the moderator can remove it as off-topic

Or you can not post a picture of a banana in /v/games.

I just really don't want a slurry of comments on every other post about if it's really on topic.

Then don't post off-topic. Find the appropriate subverse for your content.

[I] have a distinctly difficult time caring about whether something is on-topic.

So you're the problem here.

But if it's mostly redheads, then it gets old to see in the comments of every strawberry blonde "She isn't a redhead" or "Not a natural redhead - should be in /v/fakeredheads" or "More auburn than redhead"

Voat is about free speech, If you think that strawberry-blondes should be admitted into /v/redheads send a message to the mods. If they disagree then take it up with the /v/redheads community. If they turn you down then don't post pictures of strawberry-blondes to that subverse. If you want you can create a subverse called /v/allRedheads.


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"Have a distinctly difficult time caring about whether something is on-topic" - then search out communities that share this philosophy or start your own


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It's the people that make the community, not the website. If bad redditors flock here, Voat will become a carbon copy.


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Your analogy doesn't work because

Games are not to Bananas


News is to Politics

In the first set, you have very clear lines. If there is a game or there is a banana, then it fits into one or both sets.

In the second set, you have much more of a grey area which could be misued to censor both verses and deny free speech.

We are talking about news versus politics. A news mod could say that this article is about the issue of feminism and is not particular news, while a v/politics mod could say this is from a newsmagazine, and it doesn't belong there. Not likely to get away with that if games or bananas are involved.

Just to be sure, I think I'll go create a new sub /v/bananagames :D