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Stewart MacDonald is an expert, and he has lots of videos on set up.

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Thank you, I've got a tab open & I'll check his channel out.

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Crimson guitars youtube channel has great videos on basic setup. It's far from rocket science. Use a straight edge to check for relief. If there's no relief, and it's tuned up, loosen the truss rid a tiny bit until you can fret the third and 15th fret on the same string and have about a business card's thickness of gap between the string and the 9th fret, for an electric guitar...couple cards thick for an acoustic.

If relief is good, nut height, bridge height, and fret leveling/recrowning are the next setup steps. I have a sanding block made from a 28" 1x1 square aluminum tube. I use the super glue/masking tape method to stick emery cloth to it. Guitar tools are cheap. Just watch videos, go slow, be gentle, press lightly, check progress regularly, and do things in the right order and you'll be fine.

If you run into anything specific, post it up.

Gotta go for now though! Fish are bitin!

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Thank you for the writeup, I hope you get something worth fryin' up!

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I just seen this post and read you fish, Have you been to v/thegreatoutdoors, I'd love to see you post there.

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Thanks for the invite. I fish but it's been breaking my heart lately. Everything's all diseased and covered in parasites. Only the carp are healthy looking. Civilization's killing everything. I might go hide in a cave with a truckload of twinkies and try and ride this collapse out.

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Open string notes should be equal to 12th fret notes on the same string. That's an easy way to start aside from making sure the neck is straight.

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The key is truss rod adjustment, plays a major factor on the action and simple to do, check out some video's online, get the right size truss rod wrench. Also the height of the bridge is a major impact on sting height and action, the two work in tandem, look at digrams on line and again videos.

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@TheBuddha for assistance as well. Start here...


Acoustic, electric? What make/model? It's not difficult, but can be intimidating as a noob. Not to mention undoing their fuckery.

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Oh hell, I should have mentioned that, it's an electric Schecter C-1 Platinum

Also thank you for the seriously comprehensive video link!

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You bet, on mobile so I'm lazy. This is another good tut that won't take so much time.


Long as the neck is straight, you shouldn't have to worry much about the truss rod. A little time and patience and you'll be good and never pay for a setup again.